Being a car dealer is about much more than buying and selling cars. It is about having a part in a family’s life, being part of the solution to bringing loved ones together and making economic success possible – all through transport. At least, that is how the dedicated Raceview Motor Group sees it.

2024 promises to be the year in which many of the ideals the motor group is working towards will come true.“We have a lot to look forward to this year,” says Nico Grobler, General Manager of the new vehicles department: HAVAL, GWM, Cherry, Omoda and Mahindra. “We are expanding our premises, including our workshop which will be finished soon. This service centre will ensure that we can provide top quality after-service to all our customers.”

“It is about service to the people who made everything possible.”

“It is thanks to our customers that we are able to invest in more premises and expansions,” he emphasises.“It is all well and good to sell cars, but it is about more than sales for us.

“We would like to invest back into thecommunity who brought us to where we are today. Along with that, we can also hire more employees to offer them a future.”

The new expansion consist of:

  • 1600 m² of floor space
  • 16 work stations
  • New training of staff
  • Almost a doubling in manpower to make full use of this space.

This means that approximately 80 vehicles can be serviced a day.

A world-class service centre in the making. This is how the building began. Are you going to take a look at what it looks like now?

Service on another level – even from another world!

One of the aims of the group is to use technological means, even as advanced as artificial intelligence, to ensure that the customer truly gets the best service.

“We noticed that we can apply it to improve the communication between the customer and the workshop,” Nico says.

The technology involves radio frequency tags that various tag readers throughout the workshop reads and then send information about the progress to the car’s owner. This gives a clearer indication of how long it will take before the owner can pick up the car, so that he can also plan better.

Another advantage is that an owner can be informed immediately if, during a service, it is noticed that a part or component is broken or needs to be replaced. The owner can then reflect on it. Should it be replaced immediately or should it wait until the next service instead?

“The system keeps track of all these communications. For example, mechanics get the information that an owner decided not to replace the brakeshoes on the previous visit and therefore it must be done now.”

Furthermore, the system also has the advantage of maintaining workflow management within the group.

“We also have a comfortable, fully equipped space where customers who have to wait for a short time for repairs can drink coffee and work quietly in the workstations with WiFi and other necessities available,” Nico adds.“From the booking until you get your car back, the process must run smoothly,” he concludes.

Later in the year, visitors can also expect to see the new showrooms.

Feel free to book your car’s next service at Raceview Motors. The contact number for the workshop is (+27)11-724-3000. The new workshop address is 6 Dante Street, Raceview, Alberton.