Scania is a world-leading provider of transport solutions. Together with their partners and customers they are driving the shift towards a sustainable transport industry.Scania supports transport companies across the world by delivering heavy trucks for each customer’s need. For many years now, transport-sector players have recruited and trained women in various roles. Not only does Scania support transport companies, but they also support and empower women in the transport industry to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.

One such lady is Iselle Eibich. Iselle describes her Scania’s as the Rolls Royce of trucks. For over 20 years, Iselle Eibich has been responsible for managing the operations at Coldsure Distribution Services (CDS). The company’s tremendous success is attributed to the countless hours that Iselle puts in to ensure that every detail is covered and that employees remain inspired. Iselle strongly believes that building and nurturing client relationships are just as critical as customer acquisition, as profitable growth relies on a business’s ability to retain clients.

Iselle, the COO of Coldsure Distribution Services, says: “My career initially started in the dental industry, whereafter my husband, my brother-in-law and I started running a very small courier service with two bakkies. At that time, I still pursued my full-time job, while looking after the kids and sourcing and sorting the next shipments after hours.”

Iselle’s drive and passion behind it all

In a blink of an eye, transport became Iselle’s passion: “I am addicted to transport, I really love what I do!” she adds.

Iselle elaborates: “The people make what I do worthwhile. Job creation and stability for our truck drivers, knowing that so many families have a meal on their tables, because of the existence of CDS, is really fulfilling. And man, oh man, the look and sound of a truck is so satisfying.”

Iselle says: “Every day is a new challenge in the transport industry. We are truckers; that won’t change, but the circumstances in which we operate force you to think outside the box – this expands you to unusual limits. We solve clients’ problems and provide them with tangible solutions. We achieve what seems to be impossible at times. But most importantly, we serve a purpose, we get goods transported all over the country to many businesses and households. We serve our people; we serve our country.”

 CDS and Scania’s relationship

“Our relationship with Scania started in 2012 with the purchase a P250 6×2, and three R410 trucks. I can still recall how excited the rest of the team was since the truck tractors were the first three combination vehicles in the fleet. The decision of moving to a bigger category vehicle opened a lot of doors for us,” Iselle says.

To date CDS has more than 70 Scania trucks in their fleet. “We received a delivery of 10 R410 6×4’s at the end of July 2023, and we are planning to place another order for delivery early next year,” she says.

Iselle says: “To me, Scania is like the Rolls Royce of trucks. The console layout, cab layout, the comfort and the exterior look of the trucks are indisputably the best.”

When asking Iselle how the Scania brand compares to other brands in her fleet, she replies: “You cannot compare, it is just not comparable. The Scania brand is too superior. Scania IS the name for commercial vehicles.”

Fun facts about the Scania fleet at CDS:

  • Their H158 – 2014 R410 6×4 MSZ has the most kms on the clock – 855 334 km.
  • The R410 has proven to be the best in fuel consumption.
  • 90% of their fleet are Scania R410’s (Iselle is in love with this specific model).
  • Scania has accredited their workshops.

When asking about the general maintenance on the trucks, Iselle says: “For us, our workshop technicians are well versed in the workings of the Scania brand. Should we require additional specialised knowledge, there is always a Scania depot we can engage.”

Iselle is satisfied with the service and support they receive from Scania. “It really rests upon your sales rep to ensure you receive a great after sales service and we have the best sales rep at Scania,” she adds. Scania offers a four-year (600 000 km) warranty on their trucks.

Scania also offers a roadside assistance service through their call centre, 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Iselle’s message to other women in the industry is to believe in themselves and be proud of themselves. “I would like to really encourage women to pursue a career in the transport industry — whether as a business owner or occupying a position with decision making requirements. Transport is a rewarding field, not just financially, but fosters a sense of value and boosts morale. There are a lot of opportunities in transport. Finally, when faced with a decision of which truck to buy, buy Scania.”

The CDS footprint in the farming industry

Coldsure Distribution Services offers tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of their small, medium and large clients across Southern Africa.

“We make a great contribution to the farming industry all year round. We are the preferred transporter for many packhouses and farms across the country. We specialise in temperature-controlled transportation for fruit, vegetables and livestock (meat) farmers. We also have daily grain loads for our super link Tautliners to various destinations around the country and across the borders. We also have a side tipper division which is growing exponentially,” Iselle explains.

Being a woman in a male dominated industry

Iselle described how the transport industry is seemingly male dominated. She reveals that there aren’t many women in key positions within the transport industry. She believes that women need to empower themselves through education and active participation in the industry to be able to compete in similar levels as their male counterparts.

“Self-empowerment is the best way to change the narrative. By this, we can qualify women to compete equally in decision making opportunities,” she says whilst echoing her convictions that we need more woman in transport.

Iselle says that women can also be more empowered in the workplace by implementing policies that drives progress towards equality. “We have systems like BBBEE which address the advancement of women in all industries. Eligible women must be given equal opportunity as compared to their male counterparts in the workplace,” Iselle states confidently.

We asked Iselle what womanhood meant for her. She eloquently described how being a woman is the best thing you can ever be. “We are born nurturers, caregivers, emotional beings, and strategic beings. We were designed to always make things work, always make a plan. We put people first. We show up no matter what,” she says.

Iselle said that a woman is a superhero who does not wear a cape. She believes that Resilience is and inherent ability in women. A person only needs to harness and develop it. Iselle attributed her biggest lessons to having faith and trust in God. “My timing will never be Gods timing,” she added.

“Remember, if you can dream it, you can have it,” she concludes.