Revaro is a South African company that offers a wide range of agricultural equipment and solutions to farmers. They supply machinery such as skid steers, backhoe loaders, forklifts, mini excavators, tracked skid steers as well as generators and other farming equipment. The company is focused on giving farmers access to affordable technology.

In addition, Revaro also offers training and support services to their customers. “This is made possible by our nationwide dealer network that helps farmers maximise their productivity and profitability. Our aim as a company is to provide farmers in general with the tools and knowledge, they need to achieve success in the agricultural industry,” says Michelle Momberg, marketing coordinator for Revaro.

Visit Revaro at NAMPO

Farmers have the opportunity to visit Revaro again this year during NAMPO 2023. “Last year’s NAMPO Harvest Day 2022 was a great success for us, even with all the safety measures around COVID-19,” she recalls. “But this year we aim to make it an even bigger success!”

Michelle excitedly elaborates on what visitors can expect: “This year there are more machines, better prices and a greater variety of attachments.”

Revaro’s equipment can be viewed at stand H13

As promised in their motto, customers can expect to see ‘affordable innovation’ during the expo. “Our slogan fits so well with the theme of NAMPO 2023 of innovative agriculture. We are very proud that this year we can showcase an even greater variety of products. We would like to point out the specific attachments that make each machine a multi-functional machine.”

The features that firstly, make Revaro’s equipment so innovative, and secondly affordable, are the various customisable attachments that can be added to the machines. “It is very important that we inform and educate our customers about the versatility they can get with a single machine and useful attachments,” says Michelle.

Revaro customers can also be assured of loyal customer service thanks to a national dealer network with a fully equipped parts department. “Customers can rest easy knowing that no matter where they are, an approved Revaro dealer, mechanic and vital parts are available everywhere.”

The equipment you can expect at NAMPO 2023

Equipment that can be viewed at NAMPO includes:

Revaro T-REX936T Telescopic Backhoe
Revaro has introduced a 3-tonne Telescopic loader which gives farmers the assurance that they can load 2-tonnes of fodder while the boom is fully extended.

Revaro SS550 skidsteers
The Revaro wheel loaders are ideal for cleaning chicken coops. The small frame allows the farmer to access small spaces.

Revaro T-REX Tracked skidsteers
This bull will soon also be available in the Revaro stable. Its arrival will be announced during NAMPO, but it will not be available until after the event.

Visit Revaro’s stand during NAMPO Harvest Day to see all the handy equipment in action. To find a dealer in your area, please see the network list on their website.