South African farmers facing water access challenges now have a powerful and sustainable solution: Ram pumps. These innovative pumps utilise moving water to lift and pump water to higher elevations, eliminating the need for electricity or fuel.

Reliable water, lower costs: Ram pumps offer a game-changer for farmers struggling with unreliable power grids or rising fuel costs. They operate using the natural flow of water in streams, rivers, or even existing boreholes, providing a dependable source of water for irrigation, livestock watering and domestic use.

“Water scarcity and high pumping costs are a constant worry for many South African farmers,” says Peter Searll, MD of Hydropulse.

“Ram pumps present a game-changing solution by harnessing the power of moving water to deliver a dependable source of irrigation or drinking water for livestock. This translates to healthier crops, thriving animals, and peace of mind for farmers.”

Simple design, long-term value: Ram pumps boast a simple design with minimal moving parts. This translates to low maintenance requirements and reduced operational costs compared to electric or fuel- powered pumps. Their robust construction ensures long-term reliability, making them a valuable investment for any farm.

Sustainable choice for water-scarce regions: As South Africa grapples with water scarcity, ram pumps offer an eco-friendly solution. They use renewable hydropower, minimising environmental impact and promoting water conservation. Further, capturing and storing flowing water is much better than pumping it from the ground, which lowers the water table.

“Ram pumps offer a win-win situation for South African farmers,”  says Searll. “They provide a reliable and cost-effective way to access and store water, while also being environmentally responsible. Some expensive, custom built ram pumps exist in South Africa, yet our low cost
solution is a game changer!”

New in South Africa: Hydropulse is proud to introduce Papa Pumps (our patented version of ram pumps) to the South African market. We offer a range of pump solutions to suit diverse farm needs, along with expert installation and maintenance support.

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