Melissa Jonker from Rovic Leers tells more about their baler range which they showcased at Balfour Hayday.

The baler range consists of the Comprima, Fortima and the Vari-pack. The Vari-pack baler is versatile and can make a variety of bales. The size of the bale can be up to an impressive 1,65 m.

All the Rovic Leers balers work with net, as well as the 2,15 m EasyFlow pick-up. The rotor ensures that the grass reaches the tines of the pick-up quickly, which makes it bale faster and affects the bale density. Inside the baler is a central lubrication system which ensures that your chain is oiled and ensures a longer life for your implement.

Inside the bale chamber there are four tires, each with a smooth side and a rough side. The rough side causes the straw to rotate faster inside the bale chamber and affects bale density.

The blades can be adjusted between zero and 17 and this can be done from the cockpit. The implement is designed so that when the bale is spit out it lands softly and does not get hurt. Because the grease point sits on the side of the implement, it makes servicing the implement much faster and easier.

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