Farmers were impressed with the remarkable equipment Rovic Leers demonstrated at this year’s Balfour Hooidag.

More production and less trouble with Rovic Leers’ Krone V165XC baler.

Melissa Jonker from Rovic leers explains they have three types of balers in their range: The Fortima, the Comprima and the VariPack. The Krone VariPack V165XC baler was one of the top-class haymaking implements they demonstrated on the farmers feed production day.

This baler is designed specifically for the needs of the farmer: Simple technology, high throughput, and high bale density.

The VariPack has a variable bale chamber in order to produce a bale of up to 1,65 metres.

All the Krone balers work with net that is inserted at the front of the baler. The implement also has two slots at the sides for extra net.

“You can be certain that you will have more than enough net while working in the field,” explains Melissa.

Putting in a new net is child’s play and before the blink of an eye you are ready and back at full steam with the Krone VariPack.

A feed roller at the front of the baler compresses the hay and the camless Easyflow pickup of 2,15 metres makes easy work of feeding the hay to the bale chamber.

The VariPack V165XC has a variable bale chamber that that can produce bales of up to 1,65 metre.

Because these balers have a camless pickup they require reduced time on maintenance and there are less components that can break.

These combs also have a direct influence on your baling speed. With the camless system you can move faster and have less downtime which is perfect for getting the most production from your baler.

The VariPack V165XC has a central lubrication system to ensure the drive chains are kept lubricated, work properly, and will last for many more years.

One of the characteristics that farmers are most impressed with is the fact that the VariPack is a belt baler. The four belts in the bale chamber are smooth on the bottom and rough on the top. The rough side assists in managing the hay and ensures the bale density.

The VariPack V165XC has an electrical hydraulic collector that works with the binding mechanism and the tension spring has an indicator to indicate your bale density.

The VariPack V165XC has a tension spring and tension indicator that ensures your chains are working at the right tension.

Melissa explains that the VariPack V165XC has adjustable bale kickers; they guarantee your bale has a soft landing when it comes out of the bale chamber. “A soft landing ensures your bale does not get damaged,” she says.

The VariPack V165XC works for you – not you for it. Daily maintenance are taken care of quick and easy with the central lubrication systems on each side of the baler.

In the rare instance that the VariPack has a blockage, it is quick and easy to get rid of the blockage and continue your baling.

The Krone VariPack V165XC has a camless Easyflow pickup that picks up material quickly and neatly.

These amazing Krone balers are available at any Rovic Leers dealership in the country, and if you do not know where your nearest dealership is, visit their website