Jaco Pieters, owner of Rumax, tells more about exactly how things are done at Rumax – from the order being placed to the delivery to the customer.

Rumax manufactures agricultural machinery mainly for the feed industry, such as feed mixers and hammer mills.

They manufacture all their own products to avoid any unnecessary mistakes. They also have solar panels and generators so loadshedding has no impact on their production.

It is important to Rumax to finish products on time, control quality and make sure things are done right.

Plans for the machines are drawn and worked out on the computer. After the material for the machine is cut out by a laser, it goes to the bending machine to form it. Machines are sent to different parts of the factory where the necessary work is done. After that it is put together, painted, final assemblies are done and it is tested to make sure everything runs as it should.

Rumax manufactures equipment for farmers from large to small. Their hammer mills come in a range where the consumer can choose which hammer mill suits their needs. The same applies to the feed mixers.

For more information, visit https://rumax.co.za.