Preparing feed for animals can be a tedious daily task, but with a machine manufacturer like Rumax in your corner, this task will be done efficiently and without hassles. Rumax manufactures hammermills, feed mixers, concentrate mixers, pellet machines, as well as muck spreaders and pruning machines.

Within each product category, Rumax offers a wide range of products to ensure you find the product that is right for your farming needs.


When milling, Rumax hammermills produce little to no dust – a characteristic unique to their machines. They also have a lower energy use, which means a lower electricity or diesel bill.


The smallest of the hammermills, the BD32, is has a 3-kW motor. It can be manufactured with a single-phase, three phase or diesel-powered motor.

Due to its size, the BD32 is popular amongst households and smallholder farmers. It is also ideal for milling spices or products for human consumption. The BD32 is the only hammermill Rumax produces with a 220 V single-phase motor.

This machine has a milling speed of approximately two tonnes per hour.


The most popular Rumax hammermill is equipped with a 7,4-kW motor. This machine has a milling speed of 3,5 t/h.


The BD55 has a motor of 22 kW and has a milling speed of 11 t/h. This machine is usually also paired with an auger because of its milling speed and capacity. Bags cannot be filled at a rate that meets the output; therefore, this hammermill is recommended to farmers with larger farming operations and higher milling requirements.

The BD 55 c is one of the most popular hammermills due to it being small, but having a high milling capacity.


The BD90 is the largest in the BD-series and offers a high output of milled materials. It runs on a 37-kW motor and produces 15 t/h, meaning it is mostly used in industrial settings.

The round bale mill

The round bale hammermill is the largest of the hammermills that Rumax produces. It is large enough to handle an entire round bale and only takes approximately seven minutes to chop up the bale. It is powered by a 37-kW motor.

PTO hammermill

Rumax also produces a PTO-driven hammermill that can be paired with an auger that fills bags, containers, or feed mixers. It can attach to any tractor with a three-point hitch.

As an addition to any of the hammermills, an auger can be attached to the machine to move the milled product to where it needs to go, such as a storage facility or into a feed mixer. This means that it reduces the dust even more!

Steel pants can also be added to the outlet to assist with filling bags. It works with a simple flap that sends the material either left or right.

You can discuss the sieve requirements with Rumax when investing in your hammer mill.

Concentrate mixers

Concentrate mixers are a great add-on product. Rumax produces a half tons mixer, powered by a single-phase 3-kW motor. There are also 1 t and 1,5 t mixers that use 5,5-kW motors. In addition, for large operations such as factories or farmers that produce mineral licks, there is a mixer with two tonnes capacity which has a 7,5 kW motor.

It mixes quickly, between two to eight minutes, and needs little maintenance. Farmers can request that a scale is mounted on it as well.

Special auger attachments can be added to the hammermills to transport feed or milled food products to bags, containers, or mixers.

Rumax walks with their clients

The Rumax team regards it as a big honour when clients return to them for more machinery and advice because it means they satisfied the farmer’s needs and understand his agri-business. “We are proud of the relationships we build with every client. We cherish that aspect in our customer service,” Jaco says.

He encourages everyone looking for a hammermill or concentrate mixer to call him and discuss the requirements for every machine. “You can even send a ‘please call me’ and I will phone back,” he laughs.

Every customer is like a friend to us, and we want to help that friend to find the right machine for him or her,” Jaco explains. “We want to have that conversation about what the farm needs, we want to talk about how to provide you with the machine that does the job you need it to do.”

Call Jaco today to discuss the needs of your farm! Reach him on +27(0)-82-335-3970 or +27(0)-23-342-6070. You can also send an e-mail to To find out more about Rumax machines, visit their website at