Rumax’s reliable blue machines grabbed everyone’s attention once again at the Cape NAMPO terrain in Bredasdorp. This isn’t Rumax’s first NAMPO, and it’s certainly not their last. After two years of restrictions, the manufacturer of hammer mills, feed and concentrate mixers, undervine mowers and manure spreaders exhibited at the famous expo.

For the Rumax team, this expo remains a vital opportunity to talk to farmers and get exposure for their wide range of products. “We are excited to be at Cape NAMPO again. If you’re not here, you’re missing something,” Jaco Pieters, owner of Rumax, smiles.

A machine for every task

This year, several machines were handpicked to be showcased. First in line is the Rumax 7, the smallest full feed mixer the company manufactures. “You can throw an entire round bale in it,” says Jaco. “The bucket at the back picks up the bale and throws it into the machine. It is shredded and mixed toroughly with other additives. You can also mount a scale on the feed mixer if required.”

The feed mixer takes about 20 minutes per mix.

“This feed mixer’s price makes it very popular among sheep farmers; it is small, efficient, and very affordable,” he explains. “The sheep farmers find this machine appealing because it cuts the material very fine.”

This particular model is chain-driven, whereas the others are gear-driven. It is a 7 m³ feed mixer, but there are also 9 and 15 m³ models available for farmers who have a need for larger volumes of mixed feed.

You can also have your concentrate mixer mounted on wheels so you can move the machine as needed.

Jaco also saw fit to show how several machines can be joined together to form an entire plant. At the centre of the Rumax stand was a hammer mill that feeds material into the concentrate mixer. From the concentrate mixer, an auger then transports contents into the pill machine. The auger speed can be adjusted.

Rumax’s hammer mills were also on display. The small BD55 works very well for small-scale operations and specialist tasks such as grinding spices.

There are several applications for a hammer mill. “Some people use it to grind polystyrene or old sponge, or even coal that is mixed into animal feeds because the substance absorbs harmful or toxic substances. By adjusting the hammer mill’s speed, it can grind finer or coarser. Different sieves can also be used.

Machines for different tasks

Rumax not only manufactures a wide range of tools but also creates machines according to the farmer’s needs. This is what Jaco also wanted to show farmers during NAMPO. That’s why he brought along two almost identical concentrate mixers. “Our range of concentrate mixers varies from a half-ton to a two-ton mixer. These are both one-and-a-half tonne mixers. One is mounted on wheels, and the other has a fixed frame.

“Many people do not realise that our concentrate mixers are also available with wheels, which is why I brought this particular machine with me,” he explains.

The mobile machine is connected to the tractor’s PTO.

The under-vine mower is made to cut cleanly under vines.

A newcomer attracts a lot of attention

It is not only livestock and game farmers who are helped by Rumax. They also offer mechanisation solutions to vineyard and fruit farmers. The under-vine mower is specially designed to be hooked up to a tractor’s three-point hitch. The tractor moves through the vineyard, and the blades of the machine cut cleanly under the vines. Farmers can choose to cut with two blades simultaneously on opposite sides of the tractor, or with one blade on one side.

“Since the under-vine mower was introduced, it has been very popular. There are a lot of inquiries and a lot of interest,” Jaco adds. We are now looking at developing a larger model for fruit farmers. This one will be able to cut wider, but we’re not done with that design yet.”

Be on the lookout for this newcomer at the next NAMPO.

To find out more about Rumax equipment and the benefits they bring to your farm, talk to Jaco Pieters on +27(0)-82-335-3970 or +27(0)-23-342-6070. Feel free to also send an e-mail to or visit the website at