“Livestock farmers must provide hay for the winter and with the ever increasing price of diesel, Myburgh Toerusting’s combination rake is perfect to make the haymaking process more affordable easier with fewer tractors and people,” says Jannie Myburgh from Myburgh Toerusting.

He builds all the machines himself. “I build them, test them, break them, make them stronger, play with the machine for a year or two so that i can see if it works before it can be marketed.”

Jannie is a farmer himself. He has been farming since 2004 with cattle, sheep, soya beans and maize with his father outside Ermelo, Mpumalanga.

He studied BCom Accounting and can therefore easily tell whether some calculations add up or not. But he also has an instinct and aptitude for steel and iron.

Myburgh Toerusting was registered in 2013. Tractors and forklifts are their main products, but they serve farmers with a wide range of equipment.

Every implement built by Myburgh Toerusting is an answer for a problem that farmers struggled with on the farm.

Every implement that they sell is built to last. “Quality is of the utmost importance to me. Every machine has a story and will make a positive impact on your farm,” says Jannie.

One tractor drags Myburgh Toerusting’s twelve-reel rake with the baler to form neat windrows and bale in one run.

“We identified a few shortcomings in other rakes to make our rake better. Every reel is mounted on its own arm, and hangs on a spring to keep from breaking fingers. The reel has eighty strong fingers that support one another; not only forty like most other rakes.

“The frame is strongly built with the minimum moving parts. Everything that moves is subject to wear and tear, and is expensive to manufacture, pushing up the implement’s price. Moving parts are also weak points that can break,” Jannie said.

Jannie uses standard parts for the most of his products to make it easy to manufacture. “If a bearing breaks, you can buy one at your local cooperative.”

Like all other implements, the rake must be serviced  regularly. “The better you look after your equipment, the longer it will last and the less frustration you will have with it. If you specifically look at the combination rake, there are a few bearings that need to be greased. You can open itonce  a season and repack them, then they should give you no trouble when you want to use the rake.”

One of the main benefits of the rake is that it has a longer life expectancy.

“Everyone struggles with tractors and drivers, but the combination rake can be used with one good driver and one good tractor to rake and bale in one run,” Jannie said.

Frik Smit farms between Bronkhorstspruit, Delmas and Bapsfontein with pasture, cattle and beans. He is very satisfied with the combination rake from Myburgh Toerusting. “I do everything in one action. I cut, rake and bale with one tractor. The rake is between the tractor and the bale machine.

Frik has been using the rake for five seasons now, and he lost one finger – he did not break it.

He is also very satisfied with Myburgh Toerusting’s service. “Jannie always makes a plan. You can call him anytime of the day and he reacts immediately.

Jannie handles most of the marketing directly from the farm. “We grow and we have one or two dealers that help us. Every year, we display and demonstrate our implements at NAMPO, Val Farmers Day, and Balfour Hay Day where farmers can come and see for themselves.

Other products offered by Myburgh Toerusting are: bale unwinders, tedders, fencing equipment, crate forks, land rollers, tractor forklifts, cotton loaders, weed choppers, post drivers, road graders, land rollers, rubber rollers, sheep handling equipment, table rollers, table lifters, table land rollers, and fly catchers.

For more information about the combination rake that saves you money, time and effort, contact Jannie Myburgh at 082-417-0175, mybtoer@gmail.com or visit their website at http://www.mtoer.co.za/ or https://www.facebook.com/Myburghtoerusting