Affordability and longevity of equipment are two of the major factors in the decisions made by small-scale farmers. With small steps, small-scale farmers are changing the image of the national agriculture profile. But only quality, understandable and inexpensive equipment will raise them up from subsistence hand planting.

During the recent Agritech Expo, AFGRI Equipment and Michris Janse van Rensburg stole the show with his innovative Backsaver equipment. Backsaver products include a wide range of hand-held planters and fertiliser applicators.

Back savers also made a huge impact on the Zambian market at AgriTech. AFGRI Equipment has always seen the value in investing early in grower evolution. “We have been looking at different solutions to effectively help subsistence and small-scale farmers to achieve better food security as well as to generate more income and yield to effectively progress to small-scale commercial farming.

Michris Janse van Rensburg from Backsavers gave a hand planter as a gift to His Honourable,
President Edgar Lungu during the recent Agritech show.

We believe that the products supplied by Backsaver are built for African requirements and conditions, with proven material components and concepts. We are looking forward to the journey in scaling Agriculture as a whole in Africa; we are here to accompany our growers and provide assistance in their quest for success,” says Etienne Meyer, Marketing Manager AFGRI Equipment.

This huge achievement was celebrated by allowing Backsavers to be part of AFGRI’s Evolution of Agriculture demonstration at the show. Back savers covered the small-scale section demonstration.

As a passionate and experienced crop farmer in the centre of South Africa, Michris’ first-hand planter concept was born out of the need to fill in gaps left by his tractor driven maize planter. He perfected the design and then also ventured into designing hand fertiliser applicators.

From there on, Back savers grew rapidly and conquered the African continent with their practical and easy to use functionality. Back savers are now the leading manufacturer of small-scale crop farming equipment in Africa, and they are ready for the Zambian market.

Normally, it is very difficult for small-scale farmers to apply fertiliser correctly. Back savers came to the rescue by offering the correct calibration of fertiliser placement.

The wheel applicator’s calibration is determined by gears and it is very accurate at any walking speed.

Back savers have three types of fertiliser applicators available in Zambia:

  1. Deep placement applicator
  2. Topdressing applicator
  3. Single-shot applicator (5 g or 2,5 g per shot)

Michris believes that the same rules apply for a one ha farmer and a thousand ha farmer when it comes to the spacing of seed and planting at the optimum depth.

Backsavers’ fertiliser applicator was a huge magnet at the AFGRI stand at Agritech.

Backsavers has two kinds of planters available in Zambia:

  1. The famous Backsaver hand planter is used by more than 10 000 farmers all over Africa. It plants at the optimum depth and an adjustable spacer ensures that all the seeds are planted at the correct spacing.
  2. The Backsavers Combi planter is a push and pull planter. It can plant different seeds like maize and soya beans. Because the Backsaver Combi planter uses coulters to open the plant
    row, it is easy to pull, even by two men. It is also suitable to be pulled by an animal. It can plant and place fertiliser at the same time.

Back savers’ planters are practical and affordable, and will ensure significant progress in the small-scale farming sector.

Back savers designs planters for almost all kinds of seed.

For more information, Contact Michris Janse van Rensburg on Watsapp at +27(0)73-454-4111 or e-mail
Contact Katuna Sinyangwe at AFGRI at +26(0)21-127-3759, +26(0)96-677-8010 or send an e-mail for more information.