Envision this:
• The leading suppliers of second-hand farming equipment in Zambia as a one-stop-shop for all types of farmers.
• An outlet that understands that emerging farmers start their agricultural journey without loads of capital.
• A supplier that can aid in the transition from hand farming to mechanisation.

These are the goals of SAZAM Agri Distributors. This company is situated in Lusaka, and was established in the beginning of 2023.

Chrismar Mulder is the CEO of SAZAM Agri Distributors. He tells that their goal is to provide farmers with good-quality, mostly second-hand equipment. It is difficult to find second-hand equipment that is still in good condition in Zambia. Their aim is to fill this gap and to reach farmers in different regions, small-scale to commercial, and farming with various crops or animals.

“SAZAM Agri Distributors is not only interested in selling a tractor. We go out to the farmers, try to really understand their needs and then see how we can best help them.” explains Innocent Chinonda, Sales and Marketing Manager for SAZAM Agri Distributors.

They always push to get the equipment to their farmers as quickly as possible. Most of the equipment comes from either South Africa or the UK. According to Chrismar, one of their current goals is to branch out to irrigation and fertiliser as well.

At the moment some of the products that are most in demand are second-hand tractors, mainly for small-scale farmers since they do not always have the capital to invest in a brand-new tractor. That is where SAZAM enters the scene, to provide them with reconditioned tractors or tractors as is. Other products currently in demand are new implements, reconditioned harvesting equipment like headers,
spare parts, as well as big tractors and combines for commercial farmers.

SAZAM has been working with JBH from South Africa from the very beginning, and it is also mainly their products that are distributed. They have also recently taken hands with Afriq Water Irrigation, whose irrigation products they will soon supply.

Innocent says that Zambian farmers can obtain products that are not easily accessible in the market from them. They supply tractors starting from 26 kW all the way up to, for example, the 8R 340 John Deere.

SAZAM Agri Distributors understand that it is not easy to gain capital in the Zambian market, and therefore try to make sure that whatever they supply, gives the farmer value for money. They also make sure that there are spare parts available for the products they supply.

For more information, visit www.sazamagridistributors.com.