The superb quality and affordability of agricultural equipment for soil preparation, seeding, spreading, hay, forage, spraying and more, has drawn farmers from South Africa, and all over Africa, to Jupidex, a part of the Plennegy Group renowned for top quality products and service.

Founded in 1999, and originally trading as Kverneland South Africa with the head office in Pietermaritzburg, Jupidex supplies world renowned brands to farmers all over Africa. This year marks the silver jubilee of Jupidex.

Michael Yeadon, CEO of the Plennegy Group.

Michael Yeadon, CEO of the Plennegy Group, says: “One of our proudest moments was when we were approached by Kverneland, the Norwegian company, to purchase their South Africa subsidiary.”

“I believe that we can see this as huge milestone when an international company decided that we were ethical and innovative enough to buy their South Africa subsidiary.”

Michael adds: “We are a family-owned company and I believe that this sets us apart, since the people that we serve own family businesses too. On a professional and family level, we all share the same values and interests.

“We are innovative, we value our farmers, and we ensure that they are being looked after.” Michael believes that in the agricultural sector it is important to adapt to change.

He adds: “Over the years farmers have adapted to the scale of their farming operations as well as the methods and technology used in their operations. More farmers have turned to precision farming, sustainable farming practices, and finding methods on where and how they can save time and costs.” Michael explains that it is important to remain relevant in the industry with precision farming, ensuring that they are able to source the best technology to offer to farmers.

“Jupidex has a very specific vision, and that is that we should be the preferred supplier of affordable, quality equipment in Africa, and our broader Plennegy vision is to feed and service those who feed Africa. The two visions align with each other, and between the two companies we want to ensure that Africa is fed. I know it is a very noble vision and cause, but that is ultimately what we want to do. With our seed package offering with Starke Ayres, and our equipment from Jupidex, we ensure that we feed Africa. As a family business, we have the agility and sustainability to ensure this for the next 25 years!” Michael concludes.

Sigmund Olsen, Area Director of the Kverneland Group.

Sigmund Olsen, Area Director of the Kverneland Group, has been working for the Kverneland Group for the past 43 years. He has been involved in South Africa for the last 30 years. He says: “It is a pleasure to be present at NAMPO once again and to see the development of agricultural businesses in South Africa, together with our partner, Jupidex.”

He explains: “I came to South Africa for the first time in 1994, when we established Kverneland South Africa in Pietermaritzburg. It is satisfying and a proud moment for me to see when coming back after 25 years that what was done from the beginning has been implemented continuously and followed up, and seeing that the same dedication for agricultural implements is still evident.” Sigmund believes that the key to success with the partnership with Jupidex is the strong relationship and partnership that they have. He elaborates: “We work well together, and we see it more as a personal relationship than anything else. It is crucial for us to exchange information, and develop and improve our implements together with the inputs from Jupidex.

“I firmly believe that one of the success factors of Jupidex is the fact that they are so focused on their implement business and offering that I would say they are implement specialists,” Sigmund adds. “The knowledge about farming here in South Africa is very high. When I visited South Africa in 1997 for a conference, I was so impressed. I heard the word precision farming for the first time ever at this conference. “I believe that we can add value to South African farmers by the way we manufacture and produce our high quality equipment with the unique heat treatment in the steel in the European factories.”

He adds: “I believe that with this partnership, we can learn from both sides. As we learn about precision farming here, on the flip side of the coin we can export better technology to do the job.” Sigmund believes that the key is to use and maintain the partnership that has been going strong for the past 25 years, to keep building it up and to use the basis to expand into the rest of Africa. He concludes: “That is our vision and plan, to expand our products and focus into Africa. We already have a strong focus and footprint in South and Eastern Africa; however, we look forward to expanding into the rest of Africa.

Arthur Bezuidenhout, COO of Jupidex.

Arthur Bezuidenhout, COO of Jupidex, explains: “Over the past 25 years, Jupidex has implemented several key operational strategies that have fuelled our growth. We have focused on continuous innovation in product development to ensure our offerings meet the evolving needs of our customers.” Arthur mentions that they have additionally invested in state-of-the-art technology and processes to enhance efficiency and product quality, ensuring they meet the demands of their dealers and customers in the field.

He says: “Expanding our distribution network and forming strategic partnerships have also played a crucial role in reaching new markets and increasing our market share.” Arthur says: “Like any other business, Jupidex has faced numerous operational challenges over the years, including high interest rates, fluctuating currencies, market demands, and supply chain disruptions.” He says that maintaining high-quality standards during rapid growth was crucial.

“We achieved this through rigorous quality control measures and continuous workforce training programmes. We also adopted flexible ordering and assembly processes and diversified our supplier base,” he explains.

Arthur says that one of their most significant achievements is transforming the industry’s perception of Jupidex from being solely a supplier of ripper and ground-working equipment to being recognised as a provider of highly advanced technological products, especially their range of precision farming technology in the chemical and fertiliser application segments.

“For instance, Jupidex offers features such as SpotSpray on our Kverneland sprayer range, by which costs can be reduced by reducing the spray liquid to be used and preserve healthy crops from unnecessary treatment – basically unlocking the full potential of spraying performance and accuracy. This obviously also means less crop damage and more money in the farmer’s pocket. These transformations reflect our commitment to excellence, customer-centricity, and sustainable practices, aligning perfectly with Jupidex’s core values and objectives,” Arthur adds.

Arthur states that another milestone and one of their proudest achievements is the launch of Jupidex Finance, which offers customers flexible financing solutions. This enables farmers to invest in new technology, operate more efficiently, and ultimately farm more profitable. “As we celebrate this significant milestone, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our employees and dealers. Your hard work, dedication, and commitment has been the cornerstone of our success. Together, we have built a company that exemplifies excellence and innovation,” Arthur says.

He concludes: “Looking ahead, Jupidex will actively pursue opportunities to enter new geographic markets and expand our product offerings, particularly in the precision farming sector, to meet the evolving needs of our customers. I am confident that our collective efforts will continue to propel Jupidex to new heights. Let us embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead with the same passion and determination, striving for even greater achievements in the years to come.”

Jupidex also boasted their AD 100 Kverneland conventional and reversable plough which was crowned as the winner of the 68th World Ploughing Championship.

Highlights of Jupidex at NAMPO 2024

While celebrating a silver jubilee, Jupidex once again showcased their latest innovations at NAMPO Harvest Day 2024, focusing on how digital tools can enhance farming efficiency and productivity. The event emphasised precision agriculture, data management, and new technological solutions aimed at addressing challenges like climate change and rising input costs. Overall, NAMPO Harvest Day 2024 was deemed a significant success, providing a platform for networking, learning, and exploring the latest advancements in agricultural technology.

Jupidex financing solutions

Jupidex provides several financing solutions to support farmers in acquiring their high-quality agricultural equipment. They offer flexible payment plans and partnered up with WesBank to ensure farmers can access necessary machinery without prohibitive upfront costs. Jupidex’s financing options aim to enhance agricultural productivity by enabling farmers to invest in advanced technology, thereby improving efficiency and crop yields. For more details on their financing solutions, you can visit the Jupidex website

In addition to the wide range of soil implements, Jupidex also offer spraying equipment to farmers. Their Andreoli Atom 2000 turbo orchard sprayer was one of the showstoppers at their stand this year.

Enduro Pro stubble cultivator

The Jupidex Enduro Pro 4 and 5 metre Stubble Cultivators are versatile tools designed for efficient stubble management and soil cultivation. The cultivator is available in various models, including rigid, folding, and trailed versions, with tine spacings optimised to ensure smooth soil flow and optimal mixing. These cultivators are designed to handle a wide range of conditions, making them suitable for both shallow and deep tillage. The machine’s design facilitates easy adjustment of working depth and angle, ensuring optimal performance across various farming operations.

To find out more about the solutions offered by Jupidex, visit their website on