Melissa Jonker from Rovic Leers tells us more about their Syncro Spreader at the Chrissiesmeer Farmer’s Day.

This implement is the Rovic Synco Spreader RSM 10-14. This Syncro Spreader is designed to run horizontally on your land. One convenient aspect of this machine is that you can adjust how wide your door opens and closes. The spreader bin is made of stainless steel to prevent damage.

The hydraulic motor is kept away from the product to prevent damage and also includes a rubber absorber. The rock catcher is patented by Rovic Leers and catches all the products you don’t want to fall through. The blades inside can also be removed so you can decide how to space them. You can also decide whether you want a single or double chain.

The control box already has hydraulic wiring and is ready to be plugged in. The sieve gaps are 7 cm wide to prevent unwanted material from falling into the chains.

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