Staalmeester has been manufacturing hammer mills since 1951 and as one of South Africa’s pioneering agricultural machinery manufacturers, the company builds their machinery with Africa’s rugged conditions in mind.

“Staalmeester is a preferred and reliable mechanisation partner for small and medium farmers,” says Jacques Pretorius, Managing Director of Staalmeester and adds that over the course of the past seven decades the company has not only expanded its geographical reach but also its product offering. At present Staalmeester has 108 products on offer, it imports machinery and parts from 11 countries and, exports to 18 countries.

Staalmeester Hammer mills

  • Staalmeester 6776 Pick-up Hammer mills (PTO drive)This pick-up unit is bolted to the standard 6776 hammer mill and is designed especially for South African conditions. The fodder is milled and treated in one process, eliminating double handling. Material such as Lucerne, grass, sugar cane, peanut hay, wheat straw and maize stalks can be picked up from the swath effortlessly and milled to your specifications. By unscrewing the gathering unit, you can use this machine as a normal mill. 
  • Staalmeester Harvester Hammer mills (PTO drive)This is a very unique maize harvesting hammer mill. It has a single row intake and a spacing of 90 cm and an adjustable row spacing head. Dry material is chopped using a rotary blade system, after cutting the material from the ground it pushes it through to the intake auger that crushes the material and steadily feeds the 6776 hammer mill. The harvester hammer mill comes standard with a platform to stand on and replace the bags while milling in the field. There is also a hitch to tow a wagon behind the harvester if the user decides on removing the bag cyclone and replacing it with a chute to discharge the material onto a wagon. 
  • Staalmeester 6776 Heavy Duty Hammer mill (PTO drive, 37KW electric or 45KW electric)This is a multipurpose heavy duty hammer mill and is regarded as being top of its class when it comes to industrial milling. This hammer mill is equipped with an in feed auger that shreds the bale before it goes into the grinding area, allowing for increased capacity and flow. Any type of material can be processed while also accommodating the popular B70 round bales and whole square bales. Various power options are available.
  • Staalmeester SM 24 Hammer mill (PTO drive, 22KW electric or 30KW electric)The SM 24 has a very unique design as it comes with a standard heavy duty in feed auger that is used to steadily feed the hammer mill and 16 hardened hammers. The auger is furthermore equipped with heavy duty shredders that allows the material to be shredded before being milled. This feature has a big advantage over the competitors and the capacity is unmatched in its class. Any type of grass and grain types can be fed into this hammer mill.
  • Staalmeester 6116 RS Hammer mill (PTO drive, 15KW electric, 18,5KW electric or 11,6KW diesel)The RS model has an integrated blower system that optimises the milling capacity. This blower system allows the material to be automatically fed using a convection method. The cyclone has a two spout outlet allowing you to fill one bag at a time or fill both at the same time. By removing the cyclone and fitting a chute you can discharge into a wagon or shed.  The dynamically balanced rotor is fitted with eight heat treated hammers and four hardened rods ensuring superior quality. Various power options are available.
  • Staalmeester 6116/18 Hammer mill (PTO drive, 11KW electric, 15KW electric or 11,6KW diesel)This hammer mill is dust free and has an adjustable closing plate and a large sturdy feed tray. It outperforms any competitor in this class. The 360° milling area ensures smooth and effortless running, using 100% of its capacity. The dynamically balanced rotor is fitted with eight heat treated hammers and four hardened rods. Various power options are available.
  • Staalmeester 2121 Hammer mill (5,5KW electric, 6,5 HP petrol or 5,5KW diesel) or Staalmeester 2021SP Hammer mill (220V electric or 3KW electric)These hammer mills produce affordable stock feeds, are dust free and comes with an adjustable closing plate and comfortable feeding tray. The hammer mills use gravity for effective milling and the 360° milling area increases both the quality of feed and capacity.
  • Electric PTO Tractor for Hammer mills (11KW, 15KW, 18,5KW, 22KW, 30KW, 37KW or 45KW)

Tired of using the only tractor available to operate tractor driven equipment? If so, the Staalmeester electric tractor, which comes with an electric motor fitted to a frame with v-balls and pulleys to fit any kind of standard PTO, offers an ideal solution. Various power options are available.

JF hammer mills

JF is a Brazilian company that specialises in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery for livestock and agriculture.

These durable hammer mills combine quality, strength, endurance and accuracy in the processing of several crop types. Their powerful and quick rotors have high resistant hammers and knives that grind grains and maize cobs for producing concentrated rations besides cutting grass, sugar cane and roots for green fodder preparation.

  • JF 10D Hammer mill (PTO drive, 7,5KW electric, 10,5KW petrol or 10HP diesel)
  • JF 5D Hammer mill (2,2KW electric 220V, 6,5HP petrol or 5,5HP diesel)
  • JF 1D Hammer mill

The JF 2D Hammer mill (2,2 KW electric 220V, 6,5HP petrol or 5,5HP diesel) is a small but very versatile and powerful hammer mill. The machine is ideal for the grinding of maize, any grain types, as well as corn on the cob. Other applications include sugar cane chopping, grass, Lucerne, garden waste and any other green forage. The machine can also be used to chop small branches and garden waste. The rotor is designed with two blades on the side to act as a wood chipper or shredder.

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