Did you know that Staalmeester, one of the oldest agricultural machinery manufacturing companies in Southern Africa, also has a well-established and diverse operational footprint in Africa? Apart from having agents in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, Staalmeester exports a range of more than 100 agricultural machinery products to small and medium-scale farmers in 18 African countries.

The Staalmeester product offering includes hammer mills, thrashers, slashers, balers, mowers, rakes, forage harvesters, hydraulic power packs, boom sprayers, planters, fertilizer spreaders, bale shredders, forage wagons, wood chippers, bale forks and loaders, grain and silage baggers, firewood processing machines, feed mixers, posthole diggers, and hedgers. They also offer a complete range of spare parts.

Building forth on a proud legacy

This year marks Staalmeester’s 70th anniversary as a pioneering agricultural machinery manufacturer and its expanding export footprint bears testament to the company’s undertaking of being a preferred and reliable mechanisation partner for small and medium-scale farmers.

The company was founded by PML (Meester) Coetzee in 1951 with the purpose of supplying farmers in central South Africa with well-made agricultural equipment. Today, this vision represents the Staalmeester legacy. “Over the past seven decades a lot of change has been effected globally, and our country, in particular, has seen a lot of positive change. Despite this, we live in an era where things aren’t always built to last and society consumes a lot and throws away even more.

I believe that within this reality Staalmeester has not only impacted the South African agricultural sector, by manufacturing and sourcing reliable and sturdy agricultural equipment, but also expanded its impact within the African continent,” says Martin Coetzee, Managing Director of Staalmeester.

When asked what he considers as the company’s most sought after qualities, Coetzee says that Staalmeester prides itself on being an expert in the field of affordable and reliable agricultural equipment. Furthermore, the company conducts its business through a well established and diverse network of dealerships and workshops.

For more information about Staalmeester, visit their website: www.staalmeester.co.za