Feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your face is only one of the many benefits of riding a motorcycle. The excitement of riding a motorcycle is unparalleled, whether you are taking a leisurely ride through beautiful scenery or taking on difficult terrain.

“At NAMPO, where we have just debuted our product, we have some very intriguing models to show to the public. We also have the new V-STROM 1050DE as well as the new V-STROM 250,” says motorcycle Marketer Chris Kuus of Suzuki South Africa.

The most important improvement, according to Chris, is the 21-inch front wheel for those at the Adventure Riders, along with the ABS Off mode on the back, the new Gravel mode, Traction Control Systems, greater ground clearance, and improved suspension.

Stephen Cousins (JMD Suzuki), Chris Kuus (Suzuki Auto), Doug Lang (Suzuki Auto), Jaco Viviers (Suzuki Richards Bay) and Jossie MacDonald (JDM Suzuki).

The advantages of the V-STROM 1050DE upgrades

The V-STROM 1050DE.

21-inch front wheel

The larger 21-inch front rim provides more stability and control on gravel and flat ground.

ABS Off mode

For better handling on dirt and other unpaved roads, the V-STROM 1050DE includes the option to turn off the rear ABS. Because of the larger front wheel, unique chassis geometry, and extended suspension travel, the Motion Track Brake System has also been improved.

New Gravel mode

The new G (Gravel) mode setting on the V-STROM 1050DE adds to the bike’s current 3 traction control settings (+ OFF) by delaying ignition timing and allowing a small amount of slip when riding on uneven conditions.

Traction Control Systems (TCS)

This technique helps you relax and feel more in charge of the ride by reducing the likelihood of the back wheel slipping. You have the option of running without the system at all or selecting one of three modes that vary in how quickly it takes effect and how proactively it limits wheel spin.

Optimised suspension

KYB’s 43mm inverted front forks provide a consistent damping characteristic and a smooth, controllable ride, making them ideal for adventure touring. They are completely modifiable to suit individual taste or function. The KYB rear link monoshock suspension helps with handling and stability and can be modified with a simple hand crank.

“The V-STROM 1050DE is brand new on the market; go check it out at the dealers,” Chris advises.

DS 250 SX

The V-STROM DS 250 SX.

“It is a fantastic little 250 cc bike. You can pretty much go anywhere in South Africa with its single-cylinder oil-cooled motor. It will also be sold at retailers,” Chris adds.

The feeling of freedom and adventure is unparalleled when riding a motorcycle. It allows you to fully immerse yourself in your surroundings and appreciate the beauty of the open road.

Please see https://www.globalsuzuki.com/motorcycle/ for further details.