The new Hino 700 series has launched in South Africa, and the 2023 model truck has taken big steps in enhancing its technology, prioritizing the safety of its drivers, and improving its fuel consumption.

The compact range of the 700 series has four models, namely a tipper, freight carrier, and two truck tractors, all of which are 6X4 configurations. Owners of the 2841 model can enjoy an engine with 302 kW (410 hp) between 1500 and 1800 r/min as well as a peak torque of1961 N.m between 1400 and 1800 r/min. The higher powered 2845 model engine produces an impressive 331 kW (450hp) between 1 500 and 1 800 r/min, with a peak torque of 2157 N.m between 1 050 and 1 400 r/min. Hino has also implemented several fuel economy changes that not only aid in saving fuel, but also reduces the weight of the vehicle by a whopping 13 kg.

One of the major changes in the latest 700 series truck is its enhanced safety technologies offered as standard features across the entire range. These safety systems have been implemented in the hopes of preventing collisions, minimising damage to the vehicle, and improving the safety of the driver.

The Pre-Collision System (PCS) is a feature that helps sense a vehicle or pedestrian that you may not see. If the PCS senses a credible threat, it activates audible and visual warnings to the driver, as well as applies brake control support, as a way to minimise the potential of a collision, assisting the driver as much as possible. The Lane Departure Warning System(LDWS) uses an image-based sensor placed on the windshield to help detect lane markings, warning you whenever the truck strays from the lane. Pairing with both the LDWS and the PCS is the Staggering Wheel (SW) feature, which warns the driver whenever they start to weave on the road. If the driver continues to weave, the PCS will quickly be implemented.

Along with that, the Driver Monitor Camera (DMC) consistently checks on the state of the driver, ensuring that they stay focused, at all time while behind the wheel. Lastly, the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) automatically maintains a safe driving vehicle-to-vehicle distance, reducing the driver’s need to break and accelerate, giving the driver more time to rest.

Besides the great improvement in safety technologies, the new Hino 700 series also boasts a sleek new design. From a bold grille and sharply styled headlamps, to a comfortable and spacious newly designed cab, the Hino 700 series looks as good as it feels to drive.

You also have one less thing to worry about with the Hino 700 because the range is covered by warranty. With a 24-month warranty on the vehicle, powertrain, and chassis frame on the tipper, and a 36-month warranty on all other models, you can be sure that your Hino 700 will be well taken care of. Hino-Care also provides you with a number of detailed service and maintenance plans for you to choose from. Plus, every Hino 700 has been fitted with HINO-CONNECT, a system that helps track distance travelled, vehicle performance, and any issues that the vehicle may be facing on the road.

With a number of new safety features and fuel economy changes, coupled with a sleek new design, the new Hino 700 series has shown that Hino is all business.

Source: Hino