Thanks to an innovative mindset, Rumax is always improving on ex­isting products, and developing on new ideas. That is why it is no surprise that many new projects are on the horizon.

“Our standard machines that we build — the pellet machines, feed mix­ers and hammer mills — have already proven their worth. That is why we have taken on a new challenge and decided to build a different type of machine,” Jaco Pieters from Rumax explained.

With herbicides becoming scarce, expensive, and unpopular, many farm­ers requested Rumax to find a solution for cutting the grass and growth under vines in vineyards.

The Rumax under vine mower has various mounting options, such as this configuration for the three-point hitch of a tractor.

“We are busy with the development of our third type of under vine mower. I never imagined this range would be so popular,” Jaco stated. “We already have a long list of people who are ea­ger to acquire one.”

These mowers are in demand because farmers with orchards or vineyards need to cut the undergrowth, as they are being penalised for using herbicides. Making use of an under vine mower is a shift towards a more organic way of farming.

The under vine mowers are designed for various needs and specific func­tions. One farmer may want to only cut one side at a time, while others may want to cut both left and right simul­taneously as they move through the vineyard. “Someone wants his mower mounted in the middle of the tractor, but another person wants his on the three-point hitch. That is why the same machine has different mountings,” Jaco elaborated. Rumax already produces mounted trimming blades that help to easily prune vines.

Jaco believes that because Rumax already builds muck spreaders, the under vine mower is a good addition to the equipment used under vines. “We are also developing a harvest machine to assist nut and olive farmers,” Jaco says. The nut tree shaker is a nimble machine that shakes every branch of the tree. It can move up and down, forward or backwards, or from side to  side. “The machine clamps around the branches and then vibrates to cause the nuts or olives to fall down.”

All machines are built by Rumax with each farmer’s specific needs in mind. That is why every piece of equipment is designed and manufactured to serve the farmer’s specific needs. “Only the best materials are used, and we have all the machinery and equipment to provide farmers with only the best products to perfectly suit their needs,” Jaco explained.

This under vine mower has blades that can cut both sides simultaneously.

This year, the Rumax team is looking forward to attending NAMPO Bothaville and NAMPO Bredasdorp. Harvest day, NAMPO is particularly important to Rumax. At these events farmers can explain their equipment needs, as well as make suggestions regarding product development and improvements.

At the 2022 NAMPO, Rumax will dis­play some of the rechargeable electric motorcycles that they manufacture under the name Jolt. “The running cost is very low — we’re talking 20 cents per kilometre where a bakkie is about R3 per kilometre,” Jaco stated.

“We convert existing vehicles, motor-bikes and quad bikes into electric ve­hicles. The electric bike is particularly popular amongst farmers, but we do get many enquiries about the electric bakkie as well,” he added.

“We’re looking forward to this year,” Jaco said. “It will be good to have personal conversations and interac­tions with clients again.” Jaco adds that agriculture to him is not an e-mail, it’s a one-on-one personal relationship.

If you wish to find out more about the Rumax quality product range, contact Jaco Pieters on +27(0)-82-335-3970 or +27(0)-23-342-6070. You can also send an e-mail to or visit their website at