Farmers are excited about the good news that John Deere now also offers earthmoving and construction equipment for the farm.

This year, farmers can expect to see the yellow between the green at NAMPO from 16 to 20 May. NAMPO is one of the largest agricultural expos in South Africa and is held at NAMPO Park in Bothaville. During this event, John Deere’s yellow construction vehicles can be admired up close.

John Deere yellow machines include everything a farmer can possibly need for construction on the farm: Bulldozers, excavators, backhoe loaders and graders — you name them!

The best news of all is that the same technicians who keep agricultural equipment running also support these yellow ones! John Deere ensures that technicians are trained to service and repair construction vehicles alongside the agricultural machines. Machine-specific support systems, however, also exist within the dealership network.

“With this product range we are now a one-stop-shop for all equipment,” says Griffiths Makgate, Construction and Forestry Sales Manager for Africa and the Middle East area. “It is also important to note that the same farmers who experienced our capabilities before introducing the yellow machines, will receive the same level of service as on the agricultural machines.”

In fact, a farmer can rely on the same people who were there with him when he bought his first John Deere machine. They will take care of all his needs. Now, a farmer does not need to go to various companies, balancing agriculture on the one hand and construction on the other. His trusted John Deere dealer provides both.

“In my opinion, it’s always best to purchase a vehicle if you can afford it, knowing that you can use it how you want to, when you want to,” Griffith explains.

The John Deere yellow wheeled front loader is just what your farm needs.

One of the advantages that farmers enjoy is that used construction equipment can be resold at higher prices because of the bigger demand for this type of equipment; farmers look after their machines much better than construction crews. With the higher resell price, farmers can easily invest in more modern machines with better functions and increased comfort.

Some of the John Deere construction machines allow you to choose the work mode you want to operate in. This enables farmers to be more productive and use less fuel.

More good news for farmers is that there is a financing option just for them. The aim behind John Deere Financial is to assist farmers and businesses through tailor-made asset financing. They ensure that every client receives the best service and business solutions. That is why John Deere Financial built their business model on the four pillars of comfort, devotion, competitiveness, and insight.

It is not only the interest rate that sets it apart from a bank, it is also the fact that a farmer can enjoy a more flexible structured loan. When he wants to make a bigger deposit on the equipment, then he will reap the benefits in the form of a lower interest rate.

John Deere wants to show the farmer that he receives the same level of service, support, and knowledge regardless of whether his equipment is green or yellow. John Deere is ready to grow with farmers.

JDLinkTM is a unique trait of John Deere machinery. It connects the client
and his smart device with the equipment. Farmers can connect to any implement in their fleet that is compatible with that service without any additional cost.

With that, a farmer can operate any of his implements through the John Deere operating system account on the web or mobile app.

For any additional information, send an e-mail to, or phone them on +27-021-127-3759 or +27-021-127-3760.