In July 2022 South Africa reached a new level of load shedding as Eskom introduced stage 6. We have started the winter with news that there is a definite 90 days of load shedding ahead of us. Wales beat the Springboks on home ground, and you now need to apply for a small loan to fill up your Hilux. Over the past four years, the price of diesel has skyrocketed from R14,20 per litre in July 2018, to R25,08 per litre in July 2022: an increase of around 76%.

So, where is the good news you may ask?

When running your farming operations, it is of critical importance to keep your operational costs as low as possible, this is why, when purchasing a John Deere, you can rest assured that your machine has been built with the ultimate fuel economy in mind.

In our most recent infield study, we set out to see exactly just how fuel efficient the machines perform in operational circumstances. Needless to say we were ecstatic when our John Deere 5090E tractor proved to be on average 3,5% less intensive on fuel than the competition! Added to that, the output power on the John Deere 5090E was on average 8% better through all rpm ranges (1 600 / 1 800 / 2 000 rpm).

The John Deere 5090E tractor.

This equated to a saving in fuel of 500 ml per hour; in an 8-hour working day that is 4 litres per day. Further extrapolated that would be 84 litres saved in a 21-day working month which is a cost saving of R2 107 per month.

The result is a stronger tractor that is lighter on fuel, backed by the best service agents in the business!

The 5090E delivers power, comfort, and convenience in a nimble tractor package for customers who place a high value on performance and fuel efficiency. This tractor is probably one of the most versatile offerings on the market, whether you need to plough, plant, spray, fence or hook a trailer! The multitude of operations that the John Deere 5090E tractor is suited for makes it the perfect workhorse on any farming operation from cattle and dairy farms to maize and soya operations.

The 540/540 Economy PTO allows operators to select the optimal engine rpm needed for their PTO applications. The economy position provides 540 rpm to the PTO at 1 700 engine rpm. Operating at lower engine rpm saves fuel during some tasks. The overall operating experience improves  because there is also less noise and overall tractor vibration for the operator.

Let’s narrow it down!

John Deere has even manufactured a John Deere 5090EN which is ideal for when you need to operate in narrow conditions such as a vineyard or an orchard. This speciality tractor comes standard with a 12F/12R forward reverser and wet clutch which works exceptionally well in terms of operator ease and efficiency.

Shiftable 540/540 Economy PTO (5EN Cab) | Shiftable 540/540 Economy PTO (5EN OOS).

But wait, it’s fuel efficient too!

The John Deere 5090EN has been designed to save fuel in power take-off (PTO) applications with the 540/540 Economy PTO.

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