Any seasoned farmer understands this very well: There is no use in buying a high-quality tractor, but there is no after-sales service afterwards. Tradestuff in the Northwest also understands this, and this is what ensures that their loyal clients always come back for new equipment.

“Service, service, service,” says Rudi Barnard, owner and Manager of Tradestuff in Hartbeesfontein. This is the core of their business. He and his wife, Lindie, started the dealership in 2005 after they both lost their jobs. So, from the negative the positive was born, and they have not looked back since.

They supply a variety of agricultural equipment, tractors, and other loose goods. Tradestuff was a Massey Ferguson dealer from the beginning, but they recently, in 2021, became an agency for Fendt as well, after a strict screening process.

Rudi says it is easy to support MF and Fendt, because he receives all the necessary backup from AGCO, the brands’ parent company. “Whether it’s price support or something else, the guys do their part, and it means that we can give that same support to our farmers.”

As a thank you gesture, Tradestuff presented a special event to show their gratitude to their clients. It was held on 15 February at the dealer’s premises with a performance by Juanita du Plessis to entertain the selected guests and tasty food to round off the evening.

“We have received incredible support from our clients over the past few years, especially last year,” he says. “So, this opportunity is solely to thank them.”

During the event, ProAgri spoke to four of the farmers to hear what stands out to them about Tradestuff.

The Fendt dealership was acquired in 2021.

Koos Steyn from Johandri Trust farming, Ottosdal

Koos Steyn farms near Ottosdal with maize, sunflowers, and livestock. His Fendt tractors are mainly used for cultivation, but he says there is nothing the tractor does not actually do.

“We have Fendt and Challenger tractors,” he explains. “This past season we also acquired a few MF tractors. The technology in the Fendt is very good and it is light on fuel. Plus, we get terrific service from Tradestuff.”

For Koos, service support is extremely important. “A tractor is only as good as its after-sales support,” he says. “You can have the best product, if you cannot fix it, then it means nothing to you.

His journey with Tradestuff is also a pleasurable experience. “We get great service, any day or night. You can call, they help you and make sure your tractor is running.”

Rudi Barnard, owner of Tradestuff, and Koos Steyn, farmer from Ottosdal.

Louis Coetzee of Mushlendow feedlot, Koster

At Mushlendow feedlot, Louis Coetzee is proud of his fleet of Massey Fergusons. The feedlot is the core business, but there is also a supplementary crop farming section.

Louis has several MF models: MF6485s, an MF6713 that does donkey work such as manure spreading, an MF7614, an MF7615 and even an MF7720 S for towing heavy feed wagons before they join the crop section. There is also an MF8737 for planting and an MF8727 S for lime spreading. Finally, there are also several older models to help with all kinds of tasks on the farm. “At first I inherited the Massey Ferguson’s on  the farm, but with all the hours the tractors work per week, the sum to buy Massey’s is more than worth it,” he declares.

“We work long hours, so fuel is a big annual expense. We must use tractors with the best fuel consumption. That is how we ended up at the Massey’s,” explains Louis.

“Whenever we have experienced problems with any tractors, Tradestuff has always been willing to come to the table and that is why it is worth it for us to have them service our tractors. Rudi’ team services them every 4 000 hours. I can call him on Sunday evening and say I have a problem with a tractor and first thing Monday morning they sort it out,” he testifies. “If they cannot sort it out, there is backup from AGCO for every challenge.”

Louis mentions that Tradestuff is even devoted to taking care of people in the surrounding areas of Koster who have bought used tractors from him.

Louis Coetzee from Mushlendow-feedlot feels indulged with the quality service he receives at Tradestuff.

Eben Venter, Sannieshof

Eben has a crop farm where the Fendt tractors that he buys from Tradestuff are indispensible.

“We have been walking this road with Rudi for some time,” he says. “Their service delivery is excellent. They really look after their people. You can be assured that it is not a matter of you buying the tractor and them forgetting about you. They are there and always providing good advice on how to make the most of the tractors.”

Regarding his loyalty to the brand name, he simply replies: “It is Fendt. You are joining a family of knowledgeable people who are ready to help you.”

Eben Venter, the proud owner of several Fendt tractors.

Danie and Carel Erasmus of Dawilka Boerdery, between Ottosdal and Delareyville

Massey Ferguson has come a long way with the Erasmus family. Since Danie’s father started farming, the MF-brand name has been part of the farming, and now that his son is also intensively involved, the name still lives on.

There are several tractors from this stable that enables them to farm with soya beans, maize, and sunflowers. One of these is the MF 8737 which pulls the no-till planter. Then they also recently acquired a 530R self-propelled sprayer

“It is a family tradition that has a long history. And although there were other brands that also provided good service in between, Massey Ferguson remains a reliable name.”

Danie praises the service he receives at Tradestuff. “Even if they do not have a part available, they make a plan for you. We experienced this ourselves when we purchased a brand-new self-propelled sprayer and parts were not yet so freely available. When we encountered issues with a part, the team was eager to help.” Danie and Carel’s problem was solved in no time.

Danie and Carel Erasmus, father and son from Delareyville, do not hesitate to push on Tradestuff’s button if a problem arises – the team guarantees that it will not be a problem for long.

Teamwork makes the dream work

According to Rudi, the success and good name that the dealer has built over the last two decades is due to the dedicated staff members. “No task is too big or too small for anyone,” he explains.

It is also thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Tradestuff team that the evening was so carefully planned and successful. While guests enjoyed the show, staff members were busy preparing and serving the delicious dinner.

“We want to congratulate everyone on the end of this season and good luck with the next one,” Rudi concludes.

If Tradestuff does not have a part immediately available, they will make a plan for you!

For sales and support of Massey Ferguson and Fendt equipment in the Northwest province of South Africa, contact the Tradestuff team on (+27)18-431-0062 or visit their website at