FAW trucks are the first choice of many fleet owners and logistic companies across the country for reliable deliveries every time on time. The features of these reliable trucks enable companies to serve their clients everywhere.

One of the logistics companies that live by this is Tron Logistics, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Tron Logistics was established in 2014. They have been serving the courier and freight industry for more than nine years. Their business is mainly conducted in South Africa, but also stretches into neighbouring countries.

During the past few years, the company saw the need to expand their existing fleet. “We approached ELT, our dealer for FAW Trucks. They introduced us to the new FAW JH6 model when we mentioned what we needed,” says Almero Theart. “Currently, our fleet has 26 trucks in total, nine of which are the FAW JH6 28.500FT models that we acquired over the last year.”

They bought the first five in November of 2022, and the rest were added through 2023.

“We did in-depth market research and evaluated all the market leaders in the industry, looking specifically at fuel consumption and maintenance plans,” Andries Pretorius, co-owner adds. “The biggest deciding factor was the efficient fuel consumption and the return on investment (ROI) we have with FAW trucks.”

JH6 28.500FT – this is why

The owners’ main aim for the new vehicles in their fleet was to find reliable trucks that would benefit the business as well as the drivers.

“Some of the features of the truck that were important to us are the parabolic suspension and the 12-gear automatic gearbox,” Andries elaborates. “The vehicle fits our business well with its raised cab, various driver facilities inside the cab and the comfortability that assists with long hauls. A feature such as the window at the back of the cab helps the driver to hook and unhook the trailer.”

The JH6 28.500FT has a powerful 368 kW (500 hp) engine.

Almero adds: “I also think that in the long haul industry, where drivers do up to 30 000 km every month in their trucks, it helps them rest better, it is more peaceful for them in the cab. Our drivers are very happy with the space inside.

“We are very satisfied with the safety features for the drivers, and everything that the whole brand represents.”

Andries and Almero emphasise that they have noticed that FAW has come a long way with the design of the interior and all the technological enhancements. “In short, it ticked all the boxes we need and the price point is exceptional,” Andries sums up.

Inside the cab, the interior has a refined finish and ample space for ultimate driver comfort.

Proven reliability and service are a given with FAW Trucks

“Downtime is a swearword in our industry,” Almero explains. “Since our trucks are always busy, we needed a brand that also supports our schedule.” He describes that making a booking for the vehicles to be serviced is easy, and that FAW is always fast and effective with their service. “They assist us everywhere they can and the friendly customer service we receive from ELT, our dealer, is exceptional.”

Andries states that they are very happy with ELT. “It is not a scenario where you sign on the dotted line and they forget about you. We connect at least once a week when we receive a courtesy call. They ask how the vehicles are doing. After every service someone from FAW South Africa will also phone us to ask how it is going with the service, how was the rating, how is the performance… We are very satisfied.”

Additional features such as packing space improve the driver’s working conditions, especially on those long hauls.

The maintenance plan Tron Logistics has with the JH6 28.500FT-models is working expertly for them.

The maintenance and service plan covers 1 year, unlimited kilometres. Services are every 40 000 km, and until now, Tron Logistics has had zero downtime since the first of the new trucks were purchased. They also add that services at ELT take between two to three hours. If there is an issue, the problem gets sorted out immediately.

“We recommend the new JH6 28.500FT to all fleet owners. Firstly because of the price, and secondly, the maintenance and service contract with FAW,” the pair concludes.

For more information about the JH6-models, or to locate your nearest dealer, visit the FAW webpage.