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John Deere proudly introduces its latest power-packed duo- on African soil for the first time: The 5080E and the 5080EN tractors. Their versatility extends over various tasks on your farm.

5080EN: A narrow tractor of 80 hp (59 kW) rated power. Ideally for spraying, mowing, haulage and other applications in high-value crop orchards (such as citrus, nuts, soft fruits, grapes, etc).

5080E: A standard tractor of 80 hp (59 kW) as well. This tractor is a perfect fit in smaller-scale grain and other field crop production, powering of haymaking equipment, haulage, and animal feeding.

Powerful engine

John Deere PowerTech™ diesel engines provide high backup torque up to 21% and the tractor works effectively with less RPM drop in heavy load applications and no need for shifting gears frequently in different load conditions which helps to do more work in less time.

The engine provides excellent torque, fuel efficiency, and durability:

  • Each piston is sprayed with cooled and filtered oil, resulting in less heat generation, wear and tear and increasing the live of the engine, resulting in reduced cost of ownership.
  • Engine oil cooler which helps to reduce the temperature of the engine oil, protects engine components from early wear and tear and reduce maintenance cost of the engine.
  • Turbocharger to provide better response in fluctuating load conditions and improves fuel efficiency.

Maneuverability with precision

Navigating tight spots on a farm can be challenging, but not with the 5080EN. Boasting a remarkable shorter turning radius of only 3,7 m, this tractor maneuvers with great agility, working with ease in tight spots. Farmers can now effortlessly navigate their orchards.

Fuel efficiency for maximum productivity

Apart from fuel saving through the effective 2,9 litre John Deere PowerTech™ Diesel Engine and 21% higher reserve torque, these tractors are fitted with an Economy PTO (540E) for lighter duty applications like spraying and spreading, leading to a fuel saving of up to 25%.


The 5080E and 5080EN tractors provide enhanced performance through:

  • Dual stage oil immersed hydraulic wet-disc brakes. The self-adjusting and self-equalising hydraulic operated disc brakes provide more responsive breaking under load and requires no adjustment.
  • Planetary type reduction gears ensure equal distribution of load on the gears and axle, are more reliable, can sustain heavy loads, and ensure longer life of the components.
  • Advanced top shaft lubrication technology where transmission components are lubricated in all operating conditions. This ensures superior durability of components and enhance uptime.

Operator comfort at its core

Understanding the importance of operator comfort, John Deere has incorporated ergonomic design features into the 5080E and 5080EN. The extended legroom and suspended clutch and brake pedals enhance the overall operator experience, while cleverly designed side shift levers contribute to the tractor’s user-friendly operation, reducing operator fatigue. The 5080EN offers a creeper gear, ensuring a low speed where needed, while the 5080E standard offers a 12/12 power reverser option with wet clutch. The 5080EN is available in an open station configuration, while the 5080E standard tractor is available in an open station platform or CAB.

Warranty and after-sales excellence

Investing in the future of farming, the 5080E and 5080EN come with the standard 24 months or 2 000 hours warranty, but also has the PowerGard™ extended warranty option, offering up to 5 000 hours or 5 years of warranty. This, coupled with John Deere’s world class after-sales service, ensures that farmers can rely on their equipment for years to come.

In conclusion, the John Deere 5080E and 5080EN tractors stand as a testament to innovation and efficiency in the agricultural sector. Farmers in South Africa can now embrace a new era of productivity, fuel savings, and operator comfort with this dynamic duo, propelling them into a future led by the pioneering advancements of John Deere.