A perfect seedbed. That is all that remains behind when the Rubin 12 compact disc harrow has moved through the field. At Val Farmers Day, where the country’s best among the best could show their mettle on an equal footing, the farmers agreed: It does not matter how you step or jump or dig … where this 9,5-metre implement has done its job, a perfect, firm seed bed is the result.

With such a seed bed, any planter will be in seventh heaven, because it means that each seed can be placed exactly right for the best germination and growth.

LEMKEN’s Rubin 12 is no unfamiliar face on the Highveld. The implements of 3 to 7 metres have been in the country since 2014, but last year farmers have also been introduced to the 8 and 9,5 metres Rubin 12, covering large tracts of land at an easy 12 km/h with the right tractor.

At Val Boeredag, the 9,5 metre Rubin 12 was a big attraction. Karel Munnik from LEMKEN SA says it was good that the organisers grouped all the compact disc harrows together, allowing farmers to make a proper comparison.

The unit has 50 discs, each measuring 736 mm. Each concave disc is individually attached to the frame with pre-tensioned spring elements, maintaining working depth. When hitting obstacles, the discs independently deflect upwards and rapidly return to their working position.

The placement of the discs and the special curves of the holding arms ensure that there is a smooth flow of material without blockages.

With this team behind him, a farmer can only farm succesfully: Christo Prinsloo, Karel Munnik, Henk de Klerk, Jacobus Beyer, Blackie Swart, Carla Opperman and Vehan Kleyn were the blue team at Val Boeredag telling farmers more about the excellent implements from LEMKEN.

The two rows of discs are placed symmetrically on the beams – the front row works outwards and the rear row works inwards. The advantage of the symmetrical placement is that it eliminates lateral forces, which means the implements stays in its track.

Aggressive, but uniform operation at high speed in a field with high residue levels is achieved by LEMKEN’s clever plan to let the front row of discs cut into the soil at 16 degrees from the direction of travel and the rear row at 14 degrees.

The mighty LEMKEN that works a full 9,5 metres wide folds up to a slim 6 metres to drive through the farm gate.

Another big difference offered by LEMKEN’s technology is that the discs maintain their concave angle of 20 degrees, even if they wear. In the older generation, the incidence angle of 20 degrees is achieved by making the dishes more conical, like a porridge bowl. When such a dish wears, the angle of incidence becomes flatter along with the dish.

Between the two rows are rakes that collects the soil thrown up by the front row of discs. The rakes intercept the material, mix it and drop it to the ground. The second row of discs cuts the material again and mixes it further.

Behind the second row of discs is a set of levellers, and then follows a double roller system that controls the working depth and reconsolidates the soil for that perfect seed bed.

Placing the cut residue in the topsoil means more humus which breaks down faster and nourishes the soil, as well as improving the structure of the soil.

LEMKEN’s 9,5 m Rubin 12 shows its value at Val Boeredag. Lush crop residues are the machine’s food and all that remains behind it is a perfect seedbed.

The wheels on the Rubin 12 do not touch the ground when working in the fields; they are only used for turning and for road transport. The rollers are set according to the height of the tractor drawbar and the required depth of cultivation. Once set, the Rubin 12 holds its setting for the tractor.

Karel says at the farmer’s day it was also clear what a difference it makes if an implement is properly set up. LEMKEN’s team members have all received thorough training at the factory in Germany so they can help farmers get the best results with the excellent equipment.

The Rubin 12’s ideal working depth is 200 mm, but if you only want to work 70 mm deep, then you set the machine to do so.

For more information on the great value that LEMKEN’s implements bring to your farm, contact Karel Munnik at 082-412-2577 or k.munnik@lemken.com; or Blackie Swart at 082-404-9651 or b.swart@lemken.com, or visit www.lemken.com.