Valtra is well-known for its strength, power and robust build. No wonder South-African farmers find these tractors so attractive.

The BH-154 has a 6-speed mechanical gearbox and 3-speed power shift, including Forward Reverse Shuttle. It has 170 litres per minute hydraulic flow within a closed hydraulic system. This makes it ideal for all the precision planters and spreaders that require hydraulic oil – a characteristic that isn’t usually found on a basic tractor model. Pick from either a four- or six-cylinder engine to find the tractor best for your farm.

The Valtra T325 also demonstrated how easy tilling can be. This tractor has a 30-speed creeper gearbox that allows it to work optimally at low speeds. On this particular range, the tractors also feature a front loader, hydraulic breaks and the Smart Touch system that controls the entire tractor from a touch screen in the cabin. This is the most effective headland management system on the market.

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