Precision farming requires the farmer to make every part of his farming operation productive. Every unnecessary expense must be cut, every implement must be used optimally and efficiently, and any new equipment must improve productivity. It is a challenge, but it is made significantly easier when your mechanisation partner understands the requirements.

At NAMPO Harvest Day 2023, Valtrac, the distributor of Jumil products in South Africa, showed once again that they really understand the South African farmer with the launch of the brand new Jumil Global no-till planter.

Jumil, a Brazilian manufacturer, strives to increase farms’ productivity through precision technology. They listen to the farmer’s challenges and deliver an efficient implement that is an asset for the farmer in his circumstances. The new Jumil Global planter has been specially developed for South African conditions.

“The people from Brazil came to have a look at South African conditions last year and then designed a planter that they felt would fare best here,” explains Devin Dedwith, Valtrac’s technical director. “What makes this planter different is that the planter unit is the same as that being used for the Jumil 3090, but there are also a few additions, and the structure is slightly smaller and lighter.”

The Jumil Global is a pneumatic planter with precise seed placement. To clean the seed tube, the seed tray can be lifted by unlatching the shiny buckle.

The Jumil Global is a perfect fit for South Africa

To make the planter lighter, the frame and the fertiliser bins are smaller. A lighter structure means less power is required to draw the planter and therefore the fuel consumption of the tractor is reduced. The lighter structure does not sink deep into soft soil, making the planter suitable for cultivated or softer soil as well as uncultivated or harder soil.

It is a pneumatic planter which ensures precision seed placement and improved soil contact.

The planter units on the planter are modular. This means that the wheels and units can be moved with spacing from 760 to 915 mm.

“Everything is attached with bolts. The advantage of this is that the width of your planter can be changed as needed. For example, if you want to change it from a 6-row 91 cm to an 8-row 76 cm, you add two units and move them closer together,” he says. “You can even adjust it to plant unusual row widths if that is what you are looking for. All you do is loosen the bolts and move it. You can add or take away modules.”

The Global planter has a modular design which means it can easily be made wider or narrower. You simply loosen the bolts and move or remove the planter units.

The smallest planter available is the 6-row model, but it can be fitted with up to 12 rows.

In addition, each Global planter is fitted with the various monitoring systems that Jumil produces. One of these is the FertiSystem available in all Jumil planters. “This system is designed to make sure that fertiliser is measured out evenly,” Devin says.

The planter can be upgraded to full-precision electric seed metering.

Jumil’s new-technology planters are equipped with their own satellite positioning systems that can adjust seed placement based on precision maps. All the information is displayed on a control screen in the tractor cabin.

Every farmer who plants, whether it is maize, beans or even sorghum, can only win with this precision planter.

Efficient and easy to use

One of the outstanding features of the Jumil Global is that the seed bin can be unlatched and lifted in one quick motion to give access to the seed tube for easy cleaning.

With other planters, it is difficult to remove blockages because access is limited.

All parts are also widely available, as it is similar to its predecessor, the Jumil 3090.

Other special features include the wheels being positioned to improve the stability of each unit over uneven ground.

The 1,6-meter height of the seed bin facilitates the filling process. Steps up to the frame also ensure that the worker or farmer who fills the bins can comfortably – and safely – reach them.

The 1,6-meter height of the units makes the planter lighter and easier to fill up with seeds.

Special offer! Valtrac’s no-till combination package

During NAMPO, Valtrac also offered the “No-till, no worries” combination package at a special price. It offers all the mechanisation solutions a farmer needs to switch to no-till cultivation. This includes a Valtra tractor, Jumil planter and Kuhn sprayer:

  1. The tractor is a BH 154 Valtra – 114 kW with four cylinders.
  2. The planter is a Jumil 3070 6-row planter.
  3. The Kuhn sprayer is a 3 000-litre Eco Ranger with a 25-metre boom and section control. It also includes the Timble GFX750 ISOBUS system and TeeJet nozzles.

The offer is available while stocks last at R3-million (excluding VAT).

For more information on the Jumil range from Valtrac, contact Attie de Villiers on 083-261-9863 or 056-817-8006 or send an e-mail to Also visit the website