The A134 Valtra Hi-Tech utility tractor is the perfect workhorse for any farm. The 94 kW, 4-cylinder tractor with 105 litres per minute closed hydraulic system.

This tractor is ideal for general use such as planting, ripping, spraying and PTO-work. It is also equipped with an autosteer-ready system.

Like any other Valtra, this machine is easy to use. The cabin is air-conditioned and has an ergonomic design. Due to it having a short turn, it is wonderful for planting.

To read more about this tractor, read this article or take a look at this video and see that Valtrac has something for every task at this Cape NAMPO.

If you are interested in this powerful Valtra, visit Valtrac’s website at or phone (+27)56-17-7338.