Any farmer’s dream is to get the most from each stalk, along with digestible and more nutritious feed for his animals. Pöttinger’s mowers not only meet farmers’ dreams but also run like a dream through any crop.

Valtrac is a reliable supplier of Pöttinger equipment. The people at Valtrac know that cutting work must be completed swiftly and quickly in the small window periods that the weather permits. After all, they farm themselves.

It is critical for dairy farmers in the heart of the Tsitiskamma to maximise the potential of their farms and to ensure that there is always enough food available for the cattle.

“Our largest customer base is mainly the dairy farmers in the area,” says Johan Steyn, branch manager at Valtrac Humansdorp. “It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that we offer the farmers reliable tractors and cutting equipment,” he adds.

Johan Steyn, branch manager of Valtrac Humansdorp, together with MC Veldsman, owner of EC Contracting.

Just like Valtrac, EC Contracting, which is loyal customer of Valtrac, walks the road with farmers in the Eastern Cape.

EC Contracting’s relationship with Valtrac

MC Veldsman, owner of EC Contracting, says: “EC Contracting was established in 2012, and our main goal is to make silage for our customers.

The composition of the business began with three smaller businesses with three partners that merged, namely yellowing machines, silage machines, manure spreaders, and spraying.

Today we are known as EC Contracting, and our main business in the Eastern Cape is planting, silage making, soil cultivation, earthmoving, construction (yellow machines), and much more.

The flat blades cuts comfortably underneath the grass to keep the cut level and uniform.

“The main area we serve is Tsitsikamma from Humansdorp, although we also have other branches that are operational in Cookhouse in the Cradock area, which then operate from there in Queenstown, Elliot, Ida, and surrounding areas. During the winter months we also do work in the Western Cape, but this is only seasonal,” MC explains.

“My journey with Valtrac Humansdorp started about two years ago, when we acquired a few Valtra tractors, including the N134 and quite a few T194’s. The latest additions are the T234 and some of the hay and grass equipment.

“As with any contractor’s work, time is a big factor, and wear and tear are your enemy, so we try to use reliable and the highest quality equipment, to do our job as efficient as possible with minimal downtime.

“Aside from what the equipment offers, the first thing you look at is the cost.” I can testify that the value for money we get from Valtrac equipment really makes it worth it,” says MC.

MC adds: “The functions and specifications of the tractors are very good, and they offer us many operational advantages in terms of the work that has to be done on a daily basis, their efficiency, as well as the fuel consumption of the tractors.”

The material is cut clean and smooth at the same height. The clean cut promotes regrowth.

Get more done with less

MC elaborates on why he specifically decided on the Pöttinger 351/301 Alpha Motion mowers: “The fact that you can do twice as much mowing with the mowers mounted at the front and back, whereas other mowers only do one mowers job, this makes so much more sense to me. There is now only one tractor doing the work of two. It saves time and is more efficient. The tractor also do not trample the material to be cut.

“There is usually uncertainty when moving from one manufacturer to another, and Johan and his team from Valtrac Humansdorp really helped and supported us as EC Contracting with our choices, and they also explained and highlighted the benefits of each machine understandably.”

“From the time we purchased the products to date, Valtrac’s service has been phenomenal. I don’t know if we are just spoilt or what the story is, but when something needs to be looked at or if we are unsure about something, they are immediately available to help. They walk the extra mile to ensure that everything runs smoothly within my business!

“A lot of things can be told and explained to you in advance, but once you start working with the equipment and tractors and you see the difference it makes, then your head also spins much faster. It is as the famous saying goes: The proof of the pudding is in the eating,” concludes MC.

Visit Valtrac’s website at for more information on their cost-effective equipment and tractors. Johan Steyn and his exertional team at Valtrac Humansdorp will also welcome you with open arms; feel free to visit them at Voortrekker Street, Humansdorp.

Alternatively, you can contact Attie de Villiers at 083-261-9863 or 056-817-8006, or send an email to