Valtrac knows: Just because a four-cylinder tractor sounds smaller than its six-cylinder brothers, it does not mean that it is not up for big tasks. Valtra’s N175 can compete with any six-cylinder and even gets heavy lifting or PTO work done faster.

The Valtra N175 is the strongest four-cylinder tractor currently available in South Africa. “People always have a story about six-cylinder tractors,” admits Wynn Dedwith, CEO of Valtrac. “In the old days, some farmers believed that a six-cylinder tractor lasted longer than a four-cylinder.

“The truth is that there is no reason why a four-cylinder tractor cannot be as strong or last as long as a six-cylinder; especially a Valtra.”

At the beginning of 2023, it was proven that a Valtra four-cylinder does not have to back down from any task. The N135 A, which is also a four-cylinder tractor, pulled the winning fixed chamber baler during the annual baler competition of King Price and FarmSpace.

Valtra’s engine makes the difference

Valtra tractors boast the famous AGCO Power engine, starting as the Sisu engine from Valtra’s own engine factory in Finland. AGCO acquired it along with the Valtra brand name.

One of the reasons for Valtra tractors’ particularly long engine life is the cooling system. “All the cooling systems in Valtra tractors have been split in two. One section serves the upper part of the engine where the combustion takes place and therefore requires more cooling. The other part ensures that the lower parts of the engine run nice and cool. The better cooling and water flow around the engines ensures that the engines last longer compared to conventional engines.”

Since 1980, this ingenious design has ensured that farmers can count on their Valtra tractors to give them years and years and years of faithful service.

This principle, which is basically the same in every Valtra tractor, assures the farmer of continuous quality.

With a four-cylinder tractor, you have 33% less friction in the engine compared to a six-cylinder. With every percent less friction, your fuel consumption decreases.

A further feature that makes the N175 stand out is the gearbox. “Even the gearbox is exactly the same as the six-cylinder tractor’s. So, there is no reason for this tractor to be inferior to another,” explains Wynn.

Valtra tractors are ideal for the South African farmer, as proven over and over again the last 26 years since they have been available in South Africa. “The service support and parts availability are in place,” says Wynn. Farmers describe Valtrac’s service as legendary.

“Valtra tractors are light on fuel and deliver high performance. It is a versatile, reliable, economical tractor that finds its place on any farm.”

Another plus point is Valtra Connect, which enables the farmer to check on his mobile phone or computer whether Valtrac’s versatile four-cylinder tractor is going through its paces, what the performance is, and what the temperature is. You can control the tractor remotely and it can also be set up so that you receive a notification when anything goes wrong. Even the services can be booked automatically.

More value for money with the 5 000-hour warranty from Valtrac

The 5 000-hour engine warranty is a new offer from Valtrac to give the farmer even more peace of mind. “We don’t know of anything else like this in SA at this stage,” says Wynn. “But we know that there are already many Valtra tractors that work hard and run more than 5 000 hours without difficulty.”

With this guarantee, the farmer can be assured of the quality of the product he buys and that it will provide carefree service for at least 5 000 hours without engine problems.

This warranty only applies to the engine, and it does not include the electrical system, but it is a total engine warranty that is available for all Valtra tractors, not just the N series.

This welcome offer will be launched during NAMPO Harvest Day 2023 and will apply to any new Valtra purchases from May.

Visit Valtrac at stand E34-35 at NAMPO Park for a closer look at the N Series tractors. Feel free to find out more on their website at