Healthy and balanced rations for livestock are key to performance and profit in livestock farming. If outstanding livestock production is your goal, then your animals’ feed needs to be cut and mixed to a uniform size. It doesn’t matter how difficult it may be to cut or mix the feed, Rumax feed mixers can do it with ease.

Albertus Steenkamp, a fourth-generation farmer on the farm Perdekloof between Calvinia and Middelpos in South Africa, does things differently. Approximately ten years ago, Albertus started breeding his own sheep breed: The Perdeklower. It is a crossbreed between a Dorper, White Dorper, Meatmaster and Dormer. The key to Albertus’ success is the precision with which he feeds his sheep and also the careful selection of ewes.

The ewes’ feed is perfectly cut and mixed in the Rumax 15 m3 feed mixer.

He selects the ewes who raise two to three lambs year after year, because their feed conversion ratio is good. Albertus has an extensive sheep farming system where he breeds hardy and adaptable sheep that graze in pastures. When it is time for the ewes to lamb they are moved to a shed.

Like many farmers in Southern Africa, Albertus has endured severe drought. “The grazing in the area is scarce and if you don’t have an alternative plan ready, your animals will suffer,” he explaines. Eight years ago, Albertus acquired his Rumax feed mixer. The mixer has now become an essential part of his farm. “If my feed mixer was to be taken away from me, I’d sell my farm!”

“I feed the sheep very easily with the Rumax feed mixer and it has never let me down. During the extreme drought in 2019, I was able to feed 1 800 ewes per day as well as 1 200 lambs in the feedlot without any hassles. I am very impressed with my feed mixer.

The feed for the feedlot lambs cut and mixed to perfection with the Rumax feed mixer.

“I had hammermills before I purchased a feed mixer, but the machines were labour intensive and it was too expensive to use two tractors,” says Albertus. “That is exactly why I purchased the feed mixer — to save time and money. With the feed mixer, wastage during mixing is minimal. Sometimes the wagon cannot drive all over the farm, so we fill bags full of feed and go and feed the sheep from the bags with the bakkie. The release mechanism on the feed mixer is secure and the process of bagging feed is effortless.

Albertus’ lamb percentage increased with 40% since he started using the Rumax feed mixer to mix his feed rations.

“It is always important to ensure that the contents of your feed, which usually consists of a variety of textures and quantities, thoroughly mixes so every animal consumes the right amount of the right nutrients with every bite,” he adds.

“Rumax succeeds outstandingly in this challenge.” Correctly prepared feed ensures the well-being of the farmer’s livestock and the benefits that strong, healthy animals bring. The favourable result of improved feed on Albertus’ flock was an increase of lamb percentage by 40%. No farmer can let such an opportunity go by. The Rumax feed mixer makes the task of providing the animals with a balanced diet a lot more convenient. For every farm, big or small, the quality of mixed feed, the correct length of roughage and careful mixing composition are the basic characteristics of a good feed mixer.

The Rumax feed mixer has a horizontally controlled mixing capability of 15 m3. The compact mixer also has a low electricity usage, saving the farmer time and money. Rumax designs their equipment to be tough and reliable, thus ensuring maintenance and repair cost remain minimal. The mixer is also mounted on a scale with which the weight of the portions can be measured very accurately. Albertus cannot stop talking about the excellent service of Rumax.

Albertus Steenkamp’s flock thrives despite the drought — his Rumax feed mixer makes sure of that!

When asked about what he does to feed his animals when the mixer breaks down, he simply answered: “A Rumax mixer doesn’t break down, but if it were to happen, then the Rumax-people will surely make a plan before my sheep go hungry.” Rumax offers a variety of feed mixers, each with its own capabilities and features to fit the unique needs of every farmer. Get your Rumax mixer today and feed your livestock successfully while making a profit.

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