Jupidex’s roots are firmly established in the agricultural industry and dedicated to farmers who grow food to feed Africa.

Their vision is to be the leading supplier of affordable, top-quality agricultural equipment to African farmers.

Jupidex is a market leader in the supply, distribution and maintenance of haymaking and forage equipment, soil tillage equipment, planting, spreading, and spraying equipment.

Although Jupidex’s roots are based in South Africa, the group’s activities extend deep into Africa including Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Uganda. They pride themselves in providing sustainable agricultural solutions to farmers, and can supply the entire range to the agricultural community across the continent.

Jupidex’s range of tried and tested equipment

McHale hay equipment

Jupidex has a wide range of hay and forage equipment and pride themselves in their high-quality and durable balers.
Over the last decade, the McHale range of balers has been operating in more than five continents in some of the world’s most difficult conditions. McHale balers have a reputation for providing high output, excellent reliability, operator comfort and top resale value. McHale is no unknown name in the agricultural industry. Their flagship baler is the F5400 Non-Chopper Fixed Chamber Baler. The F5400 Non-Chopper Fixed Chamber Baler is synonymous with high output, excellent reliability, operator comfort and top resale value. This semi-automatic baler is equipped with components that ensure longevity. The drop floor unblocking system keeps your machine blockage free. The rugged machine can handle tough crops and conditions with its 13.5/7.5/430.9 tyres. It efficiently moves crops from the pick-up to the bale chamber by using the star-shaped feed rotor.

The bale chamber on the McHale F5400 has 18 heavy duty rollers. It measures 1,23 m x 1,25 m. This baler has maximum output and performance. There is a continuous oiling system as well as central grease blocks to keep all your moving parts lubricated with minimum effort from the operator.

This baler makes magic with the Wizard Control Console.

After extensive testing and market research, McHale decided to offer customers the choice of two pick-up options depending on their working conditions. The F5400 baler offers the option of either a cam pick-up or a camless pick-up. This baler has a pick-up of 2,1 m.

Kverneland spreading equipment

The Kverneland Exacta CL mounted spreader is your all-in-one machine: medium in size but high in productivity! If you are looking for high performance, intelligent output, and easy adjustments, look no further. This spreader is equipped to spread precisely regardless of the weather conditions and has no impact, no fragmentation and no dust, achieved through the central release point. This disc spreader has a hopper capacity between 1 100 and 2 000 litres and comes with the CentreFlow system, which can spread up to 28 metres, as standard.

It has 8 vanes per disc for the same spreading quality as the bigger disc spreaders. This helps with equal distribution, accuracy and symmetrical spreading.

Although it is medium in size, you can add most of the accessories that the larger spreaders have, like aluminium hopper extensions, ExactLine for border spreading, parking frame or LED lights. Furthermore, this spreader can be ope-rated either hydraulically or electrically.

Andreoli spraying equipment

If you are looking for a sprayer to manage chemical application in orchards, the Andreoli ECO VAC trailed series is the way to go. These blowers are fit for a lifetime of professional use as they are fully covered in stainless steel. The large front suction opening ensures that you always have a clean application, and the air-correction system makes sure that you have an even and symmetrical application. It also has a strong penetration into the vegetation in order to withstand wind resistance.

The ECO VAC range consists of the VAC 896 (for vineyards, fruit and nut orchards) and the VAC 997 (for avocados, walnuts and fruit orchards with dense vegetation). In the VAC 896 you can choose between VAC 896 Kiwi, VAC 896 Mini Target, and VAC 896 Target. The VAC 997 has the standard version as well as the VAC 997 Mini Target. Specifications for all the different models can be found on the Jupidex website: https://jupidex.co.za/product/andreoli-eco-vac/.

RDO Equipment Zambia stocks all the Jupidex equipment you need

RDO Equipment is the proud dealership of Jupidex equipment in Zambia. They use their global dealer network to import equipment and parts to help local customers maintain and cultivate their land. Jupidex parts are readily available at RDO Equipment Zambia. Visit them in Zambia at Farm 2297a, Great North Road, Kabwe.

For more information on Jupidex products, contact Philip Janse van Rensburg on (+27)72-249-2995, or send an e-mail to philip.jansevanrensburg@jupidex.co.za. Also visit the Jupidex website at www.jupidex.co.za, and RDO’s website at www.rdoequipment.com.zm.