Get ready to revolutionise your driving experience with the upcoming launch of Castrol’s new product, a cutting-edge engine oil designed to help you conquer the unique challenges you face on the road. If you’re a frequent driver, you’re no stranger to congestion and stop-start driving conditions. Picture this: you’re wedged in the centre of a vibrant city, navigating through a maze of other vehicles which are also trying to make their way out of peak-hour traffic. Your engine endures countless stop-and-go cycles, idling for what feels like an eternity. The wear and tear on critical engine parts become unavoidable, compromising your vehicle’s performance and longevity. But fear not, Castrol has a solution for you!

The average driver can stop and start their engine up to 18,000 1  times a year. That’s a staggering amount of stress for your beloved engine. With the new Castrol lubricant, your engine will be armed with an advanced combination of two different protective molecules that lock together at the engine surface to create a powerful force field of protection.  The result is an instant protective layer that clings to critical engine components, reducing both warm-up and stop-start wear by up to 50%2 .

Whether you’re commuting through buzzing cities, embarking on adventurous road trips, or navigating rough terrains, you can now confidently gear up for smoother accelerations, reduced engine stress, and an overall improved driving experience.

“In celebration of Castrol’s 20 heritage in Africa and to further strengthen its leadership position in the lubricant market, Castrol continues its legacy of producing ‘Can of the Best’ with its new product delivering optimal performance with a lot more functional benefits for your engine,” said Jennifer Heyes, Castrol Marketing Director, Africa.

Castrol’s ‘Can of the Best’ products were first introduced in the market with the Castrol GTX – a premium conventional motor oil that’s been helping to extend engine life since 1968. ‘Can of the Best’ was further amplified through a series of commercials featuring the famous Boet en Swaar” characters brilliantly portrayed by Norman Anstey and Ian Roberts.

With a rich legacy spanning over a century, Castrol has evolved to meet the needs of consumers and vehicle manufacturers, continuing to innovate and remain a trusted partner.

Stay tuned to be among the first to experience Castrol’s new pioneering innovation and prepare to reimagine the way you drive.

To learn more about the product and its benefits, please visit the Castrol website.

1 Global average from 50 cities, Castrol MAGNATEC STOP-START index 2014

2 Tested vs the Sequence IVA API SN & CEC OM646LA ACEA wear limits

Source: HK Strategies