A Kalahari Red Buck from Bushra Stud was sold for BWP92 000, the second highest price ever paid for a goat in Botswana, causing great excitement among goat farmers in this country. The magnificent sire (Lot 7) from Faheem Kala’s Bushra Stud, based in Gakuto in the Kweneng District of Botswana, was sold for BWP92 000 (ZAR 128 000) to Koenie and Marina Kotze from Prieska in the Northern Cape, South Africa.

According to Koenie, he first saw the Kalahari Red buck called Boesman on a video at a show at Bultfontein in the Free State. He was impressed by the type and quality of the buck, and his beautiful head and masculinity stood out. He has also sired quality female offspring.

“I asked the opinion of a number of Kalahari Red specialists, including Gerrie Ferreira of Karoo Live Exports. They are all of the opinion that as a type he gets ten out of ten.” A 13-year drought forced Koenie to sell his previous Kalahari Red stud.

“I recently started a new stud and Boesman has the qualities I need to improve my stock.”

Koenie plans to harvest semen that can be frozen to ensure he reaps the benefit of the expenditure. “Insurance is too expensive; the only way to ensure Boesman will influence the value of my stud is to freeze semen for future use.”

In Gerrie’s opinion, Boesman is a remarkable Kalahari Red buck. “Despite carrying a lot of meat, he has produced beautiful female offspring.” According to Michelle Kruger of SA Boer Goat Breeders Association, a world record price of R260 000 was paid for a Kalahari Red buck named Windhoek at the Bosveld Kalahari Reds auction in Pretoria on 3 June this year. The breeders are Greg and Lindie dos Santos of Krokodilnest Boer Goat and Kalahari Red Stud.

Sharing genetics across borders

Fifty-two Kalahari Reds and Boer Goats were offered at the Platinum Genetics sale held at the Stockman’s Choice pens in Tlokweng, Botswana. Eleven lots were unsold or withdrawn. The auctioneer was Nico Vos of Stockman’s Choice, and Corné du Plessis of CDP Auctioneers provided the online platform. In another record for Botswana, 47 webcast online bidders took part in the inaugural sale.

“It is so wonderful to see breeders unite and support one another across borders in an effort to grow the breed, strengthen the industry, and show the might and rise of the Reds,” said Faheem Kala on his Facebook page.

“Sharing of genetics in the region can only benefit the goat industry, making it more sustainable, and this is truly progressive for the Kalahari Reds breed!” The Kalahari Reds and Boer Goat breeds have become more popular among small-stock breeders in Botswana and both societies have offered various courses to potential breeders.

The six breeders who had animals at the auction on the day included, Faheem Kala’s Bushra Stud, Joey Khumo’s Khumo Boer Goats, Ogaufi Selekisho’s OGS Stud Farming, Terrence Mogami’s Terrymo Farms, Owen Nsala’s ONLC Goats, and Thabo Kgois’s Thabong Farms. The highest price obtained for a Boer Goat Buck (Lot 18) was BWP35 000, sold by Thabong Farms. Bushra Stud had an exceptional auction selling all their animals.

Lot 18: This Boer Goat buck from Thabong Farms reached the highest price of BWP35 000 in this

Other prices obtained:

  • Average Kalahari Red Buck: BWP31 400;
  • Highest Kalahari Red Doe: BWP26 000;
  • Average Kalahari Red Doe: BWP16 800;
  • Highest Boer Goat Doe (Lot 8) BWP29 000; and
  • Average Boer Goat Doe: BWP23 800.