Do you stress about the quality of the product you buy?  Do you know if you receive the quality you paid for?  Do you know what the legislation entails regarding the specifications from farm to fork?  Food Safety Agency (Pty) Ltd, the designated assignees for the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD), in South Africa, has got you covered.  With the global increase of product quality awareness, companies have to provide the consumers with a guarantee that proves the quality standards are maintained.  Food Safety Agency (Pty) Ltd will implement a Certificate of Good Standing and Mark as proof of quality standards.

The organisation takes pride in its daily operations of ensuring quality in assigned commodities such as eggs, poultry meat, and processed meat products. The daily operations entails inspections of assigned commodities in abattoirs, audits of import and export institutions as well as at producers in all regions. Food Safety Agency (Pty) Ltd works hand in hand with various universities to train Environmental Health and Veterinary students that contribute to the maintenance of standards within the value chain.

The goal of the Certificate of Good standing and Mark is to create a high standard of quality that contributes to the applicant’s competitive advantage. The Certificate and Mark can only be obtained if the relevant applicant complies with the set terms and conditions (based on the regulations) for the specific commodity as well as strict company’ criteria. The benefit of the Certificate and Mark will contribute towards the entire value chain, not only from a producer’s perspective but the retailer as well as end customer.

The assignee’s vision, by executing our mandate along with the Certificate and Mark, is building sound relationships with the applicants within the agricultural value chain. It is also to uplift the standard of the entire value chain, from farm to fork to be positively influenced by the implementation of standards and simultaneously contributing towards a better and healthier tomorrow.

The importance of quality can’t be emphasised more within todays’ era of awareness.  The Certificate of Good Standing and Mark is a tool that will encourage and promote standards maintenance on the commodities that fall under our mandate.  The organisation’s mission is to assist every producer, re-packer, and abattoir to make a difference and therefore targeting them specifically, to apply for the Certificate of Good Standing and Mark.  It is believed, businesses who are issued with the Certificate of Good Standing and Mark will gain a competitive edge. Good quality products equal brand awareness and financial growth.

Please make contact with us through our social media platforms and feel free to call Food Safety Agency (Pty) Ltd Head office at 012 361-1937. For application and more information regarding the Certificate of Good Standing and Mark email