Enhanced technology within the connected facility will revolutionize machine connectivity, proactive support with efficient maintenance planning and fleet management.

As the number of connected machines in the field continues to rise at an exponential rate, the need for advanced technology that can more effectively manage these fleets is more important than ever. Case IH is proud to announce the launch of a brand-new connected facility located at its Isando headquarters supporting customers across related brands including; Case IH, New Holland and Case Construction as well.

Through continuous monitoring of connected machines’ performance, the facility technicians are trained to detect potential issues promptly and help customers intervene when possible. In the event of a concern, an immediate alert is dispatched to the dealer who proactively takes charge of managing and resolving the situation.

Jacques Taylor, Managing Director, CNH Industrial Southern Africa said, “Customers are under pressure to constantly increase their efficiency and productivity, and they look to us, as manufacturers to find ways to help them achieve this. This connected facility, will enable us and our dealers to act fast – almost in real time – when they have an issue, and help them get the very best from their equipment.”

Not only can the connected facility monitor and detect issues at the earliest possible stage to maintain fleet health but will also generate valuable reports sent directly to the customer.

  • Machine History Report: Generated based on the telemetry and sensor data collected by the connected machine, gives the customer a better understanding of their machine’s usage and health status, identifying possible issues.
  • Machine Care Report: Lists every maintenance, repair, and inspection in the life of the machine, ensuring traceability of its entire service history and creating a transparent relationship with their dealer
  • Operational Report: helps the customer ensure that their operators are using the machines correctly, efficiently and safely. With operation KPIs and insights provided by the report, the customer can detect anomalies in the operator’s use of the machine or identify where there is room for improvement.

“Efficient resource utilization drives profitability, while precision farming enhances sustainability by enabling customers to farm with increased efficiency and accuracy,” continued Taylor. “Tailored to addressing specific challenges, our machinery combined with revolutionary technology guarantees unparalleled quality and precision in farming practices. As pioneers at CNH Industrial, we’re breaking new ground and our connected facility is pivotal to aid in informed decision-making.”

This facility will serve as the central hub within a network referred to as “Connect Rooms” at Case IH dealerships and “Intellicenters” at New Holland dealerships. In these spaces, the operational status of customers’ machines will be continuously monitored, 24/7. CNH Industrial’s objective will be to introduce its “Connect Rooms” and “Intellicenters” across its dealerships’ network in 2024.