We are at the beginning of a new year, and it is with great excitement that we are looking at new LEMKEN equipment that will be appearing in the South African market this year.

Karat 10

The Karat 10 is an upgrade from, the Karat 9, which has been one of the top sellers in the Southern African market for the past 11 years.

The Karat 10 is still equipped with the same tines and overload mechanisms as the Karat 9, but the tine spacing on the Karat 10 has slightly changed.

On the Karat 10 three-point models, the tine spacing is 30 cm, and on the semi-mounted models it is 31 cm, both with a symmetrical layout.

On the Karat 9, the tine spacing is 27 cm to 29 cm, depending on the model size, with a symmetrical layout. On both units the tines are placed on three beams to promote material flow.

The semi-mounted models of the Karat 10 gives you the option of cutting discs on the front of the unit which can be adjusted hydraulically.

In front of the roller, the discs have been replaced with a flat disc.

The new disc ensures that the soil no longer clogs on the inside of the disc.

These discs can also be replaced with a levelling paddle as an option.

LEMKEN’s new, upgraded Karat 10.

Rubin 10

The Rubin 10, which is the replacement of the Rubin 9, now boasts a larger model: the Rubin 10/1000. The unit’s working width is 10 m.

We expect the new unit to arrive by September 2023. This unit will initially be used as a demonstration model.

Solitair DT

The LEMKEN Compact Solitair, which is a combination planter, is replaced with the Solitair DT.

This unit does seedbed preparation and reconsolidation of the soil, which leaves a perfect seedbed to plant in. The Solitair DT has the option of placing fertiliser directly with the seed or separately.

The Solitair DT can plant any seed measured in kilograms per hectare, ranging in size from teff seed to soybeans.

The unit’s kilowatt needs have been reduced and can now plant at a faster speed. The Solitair DT is available in 4 m and 6 m and we expect to also have a 9 m unit available in 2024.

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Watch how LEMKEN’s Karat 10 redefines efficiency in this testimonial video.