On Thursday 25 May 2023 Fair Cape Dairies were once again recognised with the most Gold Medals at the SA Dairy Championships winning 14 Golds as well as 5 prestigious Qualite Awards for products which excelled with the highest standards of quality and taste.

The recognition included milk, yoghurt, drinking yoghurt and dessert category products, both in the Fair Cape brand as well as packed brands for a number of our clients.

“At Fair Cape we ensure that the most ethical farming practices are implemented on our farm from solar powered milk manufacturing to the daily recycling of water, recyclable packaging, litter campaigns, social welfare projects, The Fair Cape Cares Foundation, and more. We are passionate about living and working in a sustainable manner to ensure that this farm can continue to be passed from generation to generation” said dairy farmer Johannes Loubser

Chief Marketing Officer Louis Loubser added “we are thrilled to once again obtain the recognition for all of our hard work both from a product development perspective as well as how much thought and hard work goes into our farming practices. We strive to deliver the best products we possibly can, and this is a fantastic result for a company which is really doing things the right way.”

This is the third year in a row that Fair Cape has been recognised with the most awards at the Championship and goes hand in hand with Johannes Loubser being crowned National Dairyman of the Year for the top Dairy farmer in South Africa.

With all of this in mind Fair Cape are really living by their motto – “Do The Right Thing”

Source: Fair Cape Dairies