Farmers do not need to fumble around in the dark when it comes to making decisions on their farms, especially when it comes to technology and equipment.

During a media session on the 21st of February 2023 in Middelburg, Case IH announced their upcoming technology farmer days that will take place over the next few months at various locations across the country.

Case IH, a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, and Agri Technovation SA, a company that specialises in agricultural precision, have combined their respective areas of expertise to create an interface of expertise.

Farmers in South Africa are increasingly investing in precision equipment as a means of achieving their goals of operating their farms more effectively and earning higher profits.

The representatives from Case IH, starting from the left, Schalk Oosthuizen (Product Specialist), Stephan Nel (Managing Director), Nico Myburgh (Head of Precision Technology), Arno du Plessis (Head of Tactical Marketing), and Heinz Oellerman of Agri Technovation (Head of grains). (Source: Facebook by Case IH SA)

In order to achieve the potential of precision equipment, it is necessary to have the appropriate information, which must then be consistently collected, usefully processed, and used.

Case IH, agronomically supported by Agri Technovation SA, will talk to farmers across the country about how technology and data analysis can support them to adopt more environmentally friendly farming methods.

The ultimate focus will be to educate farmers on how to use and apply precision technology on their farms, as well as analyse and integrate their data and information to help them improve their farming practices.

“The core strategy for Case IH in local agriculture is sustainability, with efficient food production and ensuring that the right recommendations are made for the specific equipment used. We are looking forward to tackling these profile days again with Agri Technovation and our farmers,” stated Arno du Plessis, Head of Tactical Marketing at Case IH in South Africa.

Increasing the efficiency of agricultural output, which also involves increasing the yield of individual plants, can be accomplished through the use of variable planting and treatment methods.

In agriculture, the goal of applying technology is to boost productivity and efficiency, which will ultimately result in increased profits. Through the use of precision farming techniques, we are able to carry out the appropriate actions at the appropriate times and in the appropriate locations.

The company now leverages the agronomic support services offered by Agri Technovation to assist farmers in making well-informed decisions in order to further expand the potential of the highly effective Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS™) system.

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS™) have been at the forefront of precision farming for more than a decade, giving farmers the ability to control the entire crop production cycle.

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