When a local forestry client wanted a real workhorse to mulch leftover branches once trees had been harvested, it acquired a MF 6711 tractor from Farmtrac Vryheid – and has not looked back since. That same tractor has operated flawlessly for over 2 000 hours since 2020 and is a flagship for the durability and versatility of the Global series, says Paul de Klerk, Whole Goods Salesperson at Farmtrac Vryheid. “The tractor has presented no problems at all, just the normal basic maintenance service intervals. There have been no major breakdowns or issues at all.”

Since then, RF Gevers has acquired an MF 6712, with the dealership recently selling another MF 6712 to Kamagri and an MF 6713 to Schwartzwald Forestry. The machines sold to RF Gevers have a factory-fitted creeper gear. It is activated by either a lever (on the MF 4700) or a rocker switch (MF5700/MF6700), providing an additional two ranges to the transmission. It allows the tractor to travel at a speed as low as 100 m/h up to 2.5 kph, which allows the operator to choose the ideal mulching rate.

Due to the arduous operating conditions in the forestry sector, these tractors are fitted with customised belly plates for added protection. “We have a local metalworker in our area that does the modification and instalment of the belly plates according to our specifications, which makes it easier for our technicians to service the tractors and carry out required maintenance,” says Paul.

Another feature of the tractor is the wet clutch system, which makes it operator friendly and reduces wear-and-tear on the clutch itself. The power shuttle is reliable and easy to operate and can change direction on the move. All these features increase productivity and allow Farmtrac Vryheid’s clients to optimise their farming operations.

“Our main focus is the MF Global series due to the diverse farming activities in our area. Most farmers use low horsepower tractors, but we do have one or two high horsepower tractors running,” says Paul. Starting originally in Dundee in 1986, Farmtrac Vryheid was established in 1996 to service the greater northern KwaZulu-Natal area. Paul himself has 13 years’ experience in the farming industry, both as a farm manager and a sales agent. He says the Massey Ferguson brand is well entrenched in the area, with long-time clients such as Kamagri having purchased five Global series tractors over the last three to four years.

Behind Farmtrac Vryheid is the renowned support network of AGCO Africa, with its centralised spares warehouse in Johannesburg. The dealership itself has two full-time technicians for on-site service and repairs as required, in addition to a fully equipped workshop for any major repairs.

Paul says the main focus is the Global series due to its flexibility and the unique farming requirements in the area, which range from cattle to crop farming and forestry. “Our implement size, field size and associated factors make the Global series ideal for our circumstances. It is a highly adaptable tractor range that has performed exceedingly well in the region.” A major selling point of the Global series is its fuel efficiency and extended service intervals, which allows for optimal working rates at low rpms and less standing time, with easy access to daily maintenance service points.

With the development of the MF Global series, Massey Ferguson has taken the concept of the sub 130 hp tractor and re-engineered it from the ground up to meet the needs of present and future farming. The MF Global series consists of the MF 4700 (82 hp to 92 hp), the MF 5700 (92 hp to 102 hp) and the MF 6700 (112 hp to 132 hp).

AGCO Power three- and four-cylinder engines provide power, renowned for their reliability, ruggedness, excellent fuel economy and power. The all-new Massey Ferguson synchromesh transmissions offer 12 forward and reverse speeds over two ranges, complete with a forward/reverse shuttle. The base level MF4700 models are available with a mechanical shuttle. The correct speed for each job is easily selected using the side shift gear levers when changes are required.

All tractors are specified with a 540 rpm PTO with 35 mm/six spline output shaft and independent PTO clutch (IPTO) as a minimum. Additional variable PTO options are available, depending on the range and variant selected. A simple open centre hydraulic system for rear linkage and auxiliary spool valves, offering a large 65 litre/min on all MF 4700 models and a huge 98 litre/min combined flow on the MF 5700 and MF 6700, providing class-leading hydraulic flow on every model.

A 3 000 kg lifting capacity allows the MF4700 tractors to handle a range of implements with ease, while 4 300 kg on the MF 5700 tractors and 5 200 kg on the MF 6700 tractors ensuring more than enough lifting capacity to get the job done. Footstep, semi-platform, or flat floor configurations are used for the operator platform, with all the main controls grouped to the left and right of the operator. A large dashboard provides clear and concise information on tractor operation and performance.

“Whatever the application or customer requirement, the straightforward and dependable Global series from Massey Ferguson consistently meets and exceeds expectations,” concludes Paul.

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Last year Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), was excited to announce a fresh look for its iconic Triple Triangle logo and its new ‘Born to Farm’ brand identity in celebration of its 175th anniversary. MF has offered farmers around the world straightforward and dependable machines since its inception. Few global brands can claim such a lasting impact in the agricultural industry.

In support of the farming community, Massey Ferguson has an extensive network of over 35 dealers covering the whole of South Africa, catering for parts, service, aftersales and new sales. Potential customers interested in the MF range can obtain all information from www.masseyferguson.co.za. Upon completing the contact form, potential customers will have the video, brochure and dealer contact details sent to their WhatsApp and email within 30 seconds.