After a long period of development and field trials, Hishtil South Africa is proud to introduce its new innovation to the vegetable seedling market of South Africa.

Earlier this year Hishtil South Africa introduced to their cucumber growers its new, patented system.

The system is known as Multiple Rootstock System or MRS. The method allows us to combine 2 or more rootstocks onto a single scion, thus creating multiple root systems on one plant.
The concept of grafting vegetable seedlings on more than 1 rootstock was developed in SA by Hishtil and is protected by patent law.

Field trials conducted showed huge benefits and advantages for MRS system compared to conventional grafted and ungrafted seedlings, especially on Mediterranean-type cucumbers.

These benefits include faster establishment, improved nutrient uptake, enhanced vigour with fruit load at late stages of the crop and excellent results on multiple stem plants (splitting the plant into 2-3 stems at a reduced plant population)

Trailing in individual growing conditions and systems will demonstrate to each grower the benefits to be obtained from using the MRS system.

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Source: Hishtil