Approximately 88% of countries around the world use natural medicines, including herbal medicines, acupuncture, yoga, indigenous therapies, and others, according to the World Health Organisation’s Global Centre for Traditional Medicine.

Natural medicine contributes significantly to the global health, wellness, and beauty industry which is worth billions of dollars. In the pharmaceutical sector, natural products make up nearly 40% of the formulations, and some of the most commonly used drugs, such as aspirin and artemisinin, come from natural medicine.

Moreover, thirty countries have incorporated natural medicine into their national policies, improving 100% since 2000. This is according to a statement by the WHO Regional Office for Africa. It reads that 39 countries have implemented regulatory frameworks for natural medicine practitioners, compared with one in 2000. A growing number of research institutes in 26 countries have devoted themselves to natural medicine research and development today. The resulting commercial potential is enormous if it is marketed appropriately internationally.

The SA Traditional & Natural Health Association TNHA estimates that the industry generates nearly R15 billion annually, creating 5,000 full-time jobs. To manage chronic disease and cure common illnesses, 70 and 85% of South Africans use traditional and natural therapies and products.

African wellness comes to the global market through the formation of ImpiloVest, a complementary and alternative medicine company. Although this brand was founded some time ago, it draws upon a wealth of knowledge and expertise spanning 20 years. As part of its diversified portfolio of investments across the wellness value chain, the brand seeks to source and create opportunities to expand access to high-quality health solutions from source to shelf.

ImpiloVest’s name is a direct translation of Zulu, impilo meaning health, expressing their commitment to revolutionising complementary and alternative medicine in South Africa. According to Paul Nunes, ImpiloVest’s Business Development Director, the company focuses on cultivation, manufacturing, and retail.

The ImpiloVest group comprises numerous companies that provide consumers with affordable alternative medicine. Its goal is to offer enhanced value chain solutions to the health and wellness market through a combination of focus, knowledge, and expertise, with an extensive network extending throughout Africa, Europe, and the United States.

Community empowerment and social uplift are key elements of ImpiloVest’s model. Investing and developing the value chain at the source enables ImpiloVest Cultivation to enhance the natural wellness space by continually seeking the right balance between quality and cost. The cultivation of medicinal plants has been a part of the business for over 20 years. This brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, together with innovation to produce the highest quality of natural alternatives.

By establishing partnerships with credible and fully licensed establishments, ImpiloVest Manufacturing ensures excellence. The company serves the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, food and beverage, and veterinary industries. ImpiloVest Retail creates science-backed, industry-leading products inspired by nature that improve physical, mental and social well-being.

Nunes says ImpiloVest seeks to make a positive impact through innovation and technology. “Through our scientific expertise, we can pioneer products and manufacture them under strict regulatory and quality standards that ensure compliance with the regulations of various territories. As a part of our commitment to drive growth, we have partnered with industry leaders.”

Nunes concludes: “Our mission is to unlock opportunities and grow businesses throughout their value chains through innovation and technology. In doing so, we hope to transform industries and positively impact communities, the environment, and people’s lives.”

About ImpiloVest

ImpiloVest was founded to provide a holistic approach to creating value throughout the entire supply chain of health and wellness companies. Our business model is based on a vision to create value from source to shelf by providing quality solutions in health and wellness.

We focus on innovation and technology to unlock opportunities and grow businesses throughout their value chains. We believe this will allow us to transform industries and positively impact people’s lives, communities, and the environment. Our mission is to create global health and wellness solutions.

We partner with like-minded companies that are committed to protecting our planet, supporting human rights, and promoting fair labour practices. Our partners are aligned with our principles and support us in strengthening our purpose.  The ImpiloVest model has been proven to deliver exceptional financial results, in addition to social upliftment and empowerment of communities.