Give a man vegetables and you feed him for a day; empower a man to grow his own and he will feed himself and his loved ones for a lifetime.

This is the practical wisdom that inspired the team at Laeveld Agrochem (LAC) to come up with their innovative AgricultSURE veggie seed packs. Now, with Christmas around the corner, the company is taking it to the next level with the launch of their Food for Good Challenge whereby a veggie seed packet can be ordered to donate to someone, thereby introducing them to a home garden full of fresh vegetables.

The cost is R259 per seed packet which can produce up to 150 kg of vegetables. The packs consist of seeds for eight vegetable varieties, an illustrated instruction manual, fertilizer and soil enhancement products and integrated pest management products as well as utensils to measure plant spacing. Only summer vegetable seed packs are available at present. Winter packs will be available for order in the new year.

According to Kobus Hurter, the founder and main driver behind AgricultSURE, the vegetables produced from a seed pack are sufficient to feed a family of six for six weeks.

R2 000 worth of vegetables for less than R300

“For less than R300 you get about R2 000 worth of vegetables as well as all the input required to establish a top-notch garden. And all that is needed to plant the veggie garden is 15 m². The seed packs can help many people in need to become self-sufficient. Over time they could even develop into small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs.

“The aim of the Food for Good Challenge is to help families grow their own vegetables and feed themselves for ‘good’; to give them something that will benefit them over time. We are challenging companies to participate, as their involvement can have a long-lasting positive impact in the areas in which their workers live,” says Hurter.

Corné Liebenberg, LAC marketing director, adds: “The Bible calls on us to be good stewards. So rather than only donating money or food, which are both depleted quickly, our appeal is for people to become good stewards of their money by donating something that keeps on growing and is sustainable. It will also bring hope and dignity to people who can’t simply rush to a shop every time they need food. Last but not least, it is not only about the food. Valuable skills and lessons are learned by planting and tending to one’s own vegetable patch.”

Moreover, Liebenberg believes that by helping more people get back on their feet a stable environment will be created, with fewer people being dependent on government or other external sources of assistance.

“In such an atmosphere, businesses can flourish, and that’s precisely why we challenge other businesses to get involved in building the country through agriculture,” concludes Liebenberg.

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Source: Laeveld Agrochem