Preparing and cultivating the soil to achieve the highest possible yield depends on choosing the correct tillage system. “The key to a successful harvest is good preparation. Eliminating soil compaction is vital, as is preparing a fine, level, weatherproof seedbed as a sound soil structure for optimal growth,” explains Jupidex Marketing Coordinator Izél van der Merwe.

In this regard, pairing a Kverneland CLG-II ripper with a high horsepower tractor is an ideal combination. Designed to loosen subsoil and break up wheel tracks, the chisel plough improves soil structure and promotes good drainage. By increasing the soil’s permeability, the seedbed conditions for faster and improved germination are enhanced. In addition, better drainage and efficient gaseous exchange result in an effective nutrient uptake for healthier crops.

Jupidex, part of the Plennegy Group, is a market leader in Southern Africa in terms of the distribution and service of high-quality equipment for soil preparation, seeding, spreading, hay and forage and spraying. Originally trading as Kverneland South Africa when established in 1999, the head office is still in Pietermaritzburg in the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. Its world-renowned brands include Kverneland, Vicon, McHale, Andreoli, AEAG, Alpler, AgriSpread. Toscano, Kayhan Ertuğrul and CarraroSpray.

“Our extremely knowledgeable sales specialists and product managers are supported by our extensive dealer network, all aimed at providing a professional service to farmers throughout the region,” says Izél.

Higher Yields – Strong Root Development

Visible strips showing erratic emergence of the germinating seed are a common problem. Often this is the consequence of over-compacted subsoil at the headland and/or in the tramlines, caused by heavy implements or working on waterlogged soil. Crop roots cannot penetrate these compacted zones. This leads to an insufficient supply of water and nutrients, resulting in significant loss in yield. Sub-soiling breaks up compaction and restores gaseous exchange capability. In addition, conservation tillage requires the respect of different soil layers in a protective farming system. Subsoiling is the first step towards successful seed germination and emergence. A sound soil structure increases yields by up to 30%, depending on soil type and crop.

Preparing the soil for the highest yield depends on the correct tillage system

CLG and CLC tine options for tough conditions

The tines (choose from CLC or CLG tines) provide good penetration, even in hard and dry conditions and create an intensive crumbling thanks to their unique design using heat-treated hollow tubes. The CLC tines can move up to 20 cm sideways.

Both tine options are fitted with the well-known Kverneland auto-reset leaf spring system. The leaf spring protection system is very simple and strong with little or no maintenance. The individual leaf springs allow each leg to ride over any obstacle for a trouble-free operation and return to their original position automatically. The flexible design offers optimal possibilities to adjust the tine spacing and to increase the implement size. The unique connection clamp bolts the whole construction together. The less welding the more robust is the flexible ‘bolt-on’ construction.

In summary: Long durability, low power requirement, improved trash flow and deep loosening and respecting the soil structure. Kverneland offers a full range of models and accessories to meet diverse requirements for subsoiling, stubbling operations or seedbed preparation. Featuring specially designed tines and frame, the pulling traction has been reduced as a result for increased savings on fuel and tyres.

Source: Jupidex