The Agritech Expo Zambia 2023 promised more agro-technology and innovation advancements, and surely delivered on that promise! We couldn’t depart from the Agritech show just yet. There were too many exciting things and highlights to capture in one edition, therefore, we decided to dedicate a few more pages to the show this month.

Many small-scale and emerging farmers were intrigued by Zambian pig genetics’ discussion. Zambian Pig Genetics (ZPG) has been distributing Topigs Norsvin genetics throughout Central Africa since 2015.    

Joseph Phiri, Sales Representative and Technical Adviser from Zambian Pig Genetics, showed visitors what they have to offer to pig farmers.

Cuan Smith and Phidelis Mubagwe, representatives of Omnia, at the company’s exhibition at Agritech Zambia 2023.  

Saro provides you what you need! Their impressive exhibition at Agritech attracted small-scale and emerging farmers.

Saro Agro is the proud supplier of Rotrix Africa Rainmaker Irrigation Systems. These irrigators are available in different sizes and are the most effective and cost-efficient travelling irrigation systems available in Africa.

Novatek is well-known as Zambia’s leading stock feed producer and distributor. They pride themselves in supplying the best quality feed, tailored to the needs of local livestock.

The Novatek team welcomed farmers warmheartedly at the recent Agritech expo in Chisamba, supplying them with all the information on quality feed.

The Novatek team: Back: Vernon Muzamai, Lemmy Sikumba and Kuzwana Jere. In the front are Robert Kanyembo, Riyashna Rampersadh and Chisala Kapya.

Lindsay Africa is the distributors of Zimmatic equipment in Africa. Zimmatic dealers are conveniently located across Africa so that farmers have easy access to the irrigation equipment they need to ensure proper yields.

Reinke Irrigation’s representatives, Kachinga Simusokwe and Brian Phiri, at their Agritech stand.

John Deere’s reliable green and gold workhorses attracted many farmers at this year’s Agritech expo. John Deere 5045 is a power-packed agricultural tractor with high back-up torque and accelerated productivity for all agricultural applications.

Holland Greentech is the all-in-one stop for vegetable farm inputs. Patricia Mwansa, Agronomist, tells us more about their business and what they offer to farmers.

Zambia Seed Company Limited is the oldest seed company in Zambia. Their reliable seed attracted scores of farmers to their stand at this year’s Agritech expo.

Zikulu Nkuku are the Zambian suppliers of chicks. Abeeauty Ngulale and Clive Mumfa represented the team at Agritech 2023.

Seed Co has 80 years of experience in the production and supply of certified high-yielding seed varieties bred in Africa for African conditions.

Simon Ngwira, Assistant Sales Agronomist, showed farmers around at the Agritech expo. Their impressive trials impressed crop farmers.