Everyone dreams of being the best at something. For New Holland, that dream became a reality when they took first place at the 2024 Harvester race.

Derrick Coetzee, Product Specialist at New Holland, is very excited to tell what makes their harvesters the top  champions. “We entered two machines this year; in Class 6 the CR6.80 and in Class 8 our CR7.90 harvester which is a Class 7 harvester. The CR6.80 harvester is the defending champion of last year’s race.”

New Holland’s Twin Rotor harvesters were introduced back in 1975 and have since proven to be the market leaders in terms of capacity, grain quality, and power efficiency.

There is nothing that can convince Derrick Coetzee that New Holland is not the best.

“For the past 49 years, New Holland has worked hard to innovate our harvesters with the latest technology and New Holland’s focal points for innovation have always remained the same: power efficiency, grain quality, straw quality, and capacity.”

In South Africa, New Holland supplies three harvester models. This includes the above harvesters and then also the Class 9 harvester, CR9.90. The Class 6 and 7 have 43-cm (17”) rotors and the Class 9 has 56-cm (22”) rotors.

Derrick also elaborates on the capacity of these New Holland machines. “The material lifter (feeder) is equipped with the Dynamic Feed Roll (DFR) to ensure an even flow of material to the Twin Rotor™ and the system gives power saving of up to 7 horsepower. Our sieve surface is 5,4 m2 on the Class 6 and Class 7 and on the Class 9 a whopping 6,5 m2.”

The straight flow of material through the Twin Pitch rotors in New Holland’s harvesters ensures an even distribution of material over the entire surface of the preparation table and the sieve surface.

If a photographer wants to see maize in the field where New Holland is harvesting, they will need to jump quickly!

Harvest quality is priority!

Derrick explains: “With the combination of the Dynamic Feeder Roll and the egg-shaped Twin Pitch rotors, our crop displacement in these machines is very good. Because our rotor speed can be much slower and our concave opening much larger, you have a crop-on-crop threshing action, and no longer a crop-material threshing action.”

The Dynamic Flow Control directs and checks the flow through the rotors. “For the best and cleanest grain sample, our harvesters have the patented Opti-Clean and the Opti-Fan systems.”

New Holland makes their machines as energy efficient as possible to keep the operating costs lower for the farmer.

The simple layout of the harvester’s drive and the low engine power use, also keep fuel consumption as low as possible.

Top-of-the-line harvester automation

“The Class 7 and 9 harvesters are equipped with the IntelliSense system, which is an asset for someone who wants to modernise his farming. The benefit of the IntelliSense system is that the harvester makes all the necessary adjustments, so that the operator only has to pay attention to the flow of the material going into the machine, the emptying of the grain and the turning on the headlands.”