Onderstepoort Biological Products SOC Ltd (“OBP”) confirms that it is aware of Clients concerns about availability of the certain critical vaccine for the impending vaccination season. With the assistance of the Country’s Weather Authorities (SAWS), we are aware and have observed the weather events leading to persistent rains in certain parts of the country, likely to lead to disease outbreaks. In this regard we would like to share below latest information on vaccine availability with Clients and the Market:

  • African Horse Sickness vaccine – This vaccine is already undergoing standard quality control testing and will be available within days after QC test that take 7days
  • Bluetongue vaccine – Will also be available before 20th December 2022.
  • Lumpy Skin Disease vaccine – This vaccine is available in stock.
  • African redwater, Asian redwater, Tick-borne Gall sickness and Heartwater vaccines – These vaccines will be available on the week ending 2nd December 2022
  • Rift Valley Fever vaccine (live) is available, and we are currently producing other batches which will be available end of January 2023.

As a business, we continue working on our equipment maintenance and repairs programme, whilst putting in place sustainable business continuity strategies. OBP’s facility and equipment strategy comprising of short, medium, and long-term repairs, replacements, and augmentations, are being implemented. This strategy was necessary to avert future production disruptions.

OBP is proud that availability of vaccines will assist in ensuring that outbreaks of diseases are prevented. OBP encourages farmers to vaccinate immediately when the vaccines become available. We undertake to update our Clients on progress in this regard.

Source: Interim CEO