22 September 2023: In the same month it celebrates its 70th anniversary, Omnia Holdings has launched a new sustainable animal feed and advisory solution at the Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (AFMA) Forum.

In September, Omnia celebrates 7 decades of history, transformation, success, and most importantly 70 Years of Innovation.

“We wanted to showcase that after decades of evolution, we’re still finding ways to be innovative, purposeful, and most importantly, sustainable. The AFMA Forum was the perfect opportunity to reveal some of our newest product and advisory solutions that embody these ambitions,” says Mandla Mpofu, Managing Director at Omnia Agriculture.

In partnership with fellow group member, Protea Chemicals, Omnia launched its Nutriology Animal Nutrition and Health solutions, composed of new, antibiotic-free animal feed products and animal nutrition advisory services for its agricultural clients. While Omnia has always offered soil, water, and nutrient analysis for its plant nutrition solutions, this will now be extended to animals and livestock – upholding the definition of the organisation’s Nutriology brand, “The science of growing,” with more products and solutions being added to the portfolio in the future.

Omnia Nutriology Animal Nutrition and Health Team

With a dedicated team of experts, well versed with industry know-how and the capability of Protea Chemical’s scientists, this new line of solution augments Omnia’s on-going value offering to South Africa’s agriculture sector.

“We’re excited to enter a whole new field – animal nutrition – and after decades of Omnia’s work in plant nutrition and agricultural clientele, it just makes sense to also cater for the health and wellbeing of their animals – and the consumers they serve,” says André Harding, Managing Director of Protea Chemicals.

The launch was part of Omnia’s exhibition at the AFMA Forum in Sun City. The forum brought together key agricultural stakeholders from across the country to unpack trends and revolutionary new solutions in the sector.

“In 2017, the World Health Organization recommended that farmers limit the amount of antibiotics administered to animals – including in their feed – to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance in animals and humans. Lower antibiotic feed must become the next trend in South African animal nutrition, and is part of our sustainability strategy,” says Harding.

According to Mpofu, the AFMA Forum was an opportunity to showcase Omnia Agriculture’s integrated approach from plant to animal nutrition and continue to build the group’s holistic business approach.

“We are staying true to our purpose: innovating to enhance life, creating a greener future together. We want to be a strategic partner to every farmer in both plant and animal nutrition, and provide them with more sustainable, healthier options for the animals that are so central to their livelihoods,” says Mpofu.

Following its launch in South Africa, in the coming years, Omnia plans to bring the On-Farm solutions and product lines to the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa, and subsequently, international markets.

Source: Edelman Africa