With just three days to go, organisers of AgriTech Expo Zambia trade fair are all geared up to open its doors from 7 to 9 April 2022 in Chisamba, Zambia.

At least 140 exhibitors will be showcasing their products to some 15 000 international technical visitors, who are expected at the trade fair. A range of professional workshops will enable valuable knowledge transfer, aiding farming improvement and business methods. Trial plots and machinery demonstrations will also take place at the large field area dedicated to the trade fair.

For every farming professional or industry supplier in Zambia, the professional trade fair AgriTech Expo Zambia is considered a must-attend event in the agricultural calendar 2022. It has, however, been three years since the trade fair was held and hence three years of anticipation, now resulting in the trial fields that are in full splendour.

The organisers, DLG Agriculture and the Zambian National Farmers Union (ZNFU), had twice been kept from opening the doors of the trade fair due to the pandemic. The situation has now improved, allowing the seventh edition of AgriTech Expo Zambia to go ahead from 7 to 9 April 2022 at Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust (GART), Chisamba, Zambia. As in previous years, the contributions and support by GART have been invaluable to both assisting the project and growing the crops to full potential.

Visitors to AgriTech Expo Zambia will find the latest trends and developments in the agricultural and related industries as well as exciting exhibits from the exclusive sponsors and exhibitors, who will be meeting up again face-to-face. The trade fair also offers a chance to discuss and assess the new agriculture landscape and development opportunities in Zambia in a high-level panel discussion.

Furthermore, interested parties can attend professional workshops that enable the transfer of valuable knowledge, in turn improving farming and business methods. An impressive array of field trials sown and planted by exhibitors will present which crops and varieties are optimally suited for growing in particular regions. With 20 live crop trials booked so far, nearly every available spot has been used. From new maize varieties, and new vegetable and tomato cultivars to intercropping with fruit trees, AgriTech Expo Zambia is getting ready to welcome an expected 15,000 farming professionals.

Zambia continues to boast great agricultural potential in sub-Saharan Africa, with a politically stable market environment that is increasingly attracting professional investors from abroad. New leadership in the country has sparked a rapid refocus toward building a highly productive agriculture industry in Zambia.

At the trade fair, pavilions from four countries and regions, the European Union, Germany, Finland and the United Kingdom have committed to participate, as well as ‘Making Agricultural Markets Work for Zambia’ MUSIKA, and together will bring more than 40 exhibitors to Zambia. A popular attraction running over the three days is the numerous machinery demonstrations by leading agricultural machinery manufacturers. The free-to-attend practical ‘Agriteach’ workshops for aspiring farmers will round off the offerings.

On the second day of the trade fair, the new President of Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema, is expected to officially open the trade fair in the company of other government officials. Afterwards, the president traditionally takes part in a tour of the trade fair and visits selected exhibitors such as the official German Pavilion which represent best-practice examples of technical quality and service offerings.

Source: AgriTech Africa