Tata International Africa’s Ghana operation has been awarded John Deere Africa’s prestigious 2021 Dealer of the Year Award for the category of dealers outside the SADC region, for a second year in a row.

The John Deere Dealer of the Year Award is presented to a dealer that performs over and above in various aspects of the business. In addition to overall customer satisfaction, key criteria for the award include turnover and market share growth. Rating of dealer performance also includes delivering value to their customers.

 “Receiving this award for the second year in a row is a testament to our UPtime strategy. We have the right product mix and solutions for our customers, we offer financial solutions that enable our customers to acquire these products, and parts and service support to keep customers’ products running and working,” says Len Brand, CEO of Tata International Africa.

 “We have certainly enveloped our customers in Ghana to ensure that they are heard and assisted. An excellent footprint in-country ensures these customers have access to our products, parts and services at all times,” explains Brand.

 Winning an award during one of the hardest times globally, was no mean feat, and came with great effort. Our resilience over the past three years, since we started the business in Ghana, has definitely triumphed and helped us become what we are today – an award-winning team. What we managed to achieve during the pandemic and having the spirit and tenacity to respond in times of adversity, are the key drivers that assisted us throughout this time.

 “Congratulations to David Kelder, Head of Agriculture and Construction Business at Tata International Africa. His leadership, strategy, knowledge and commitment to the John Deere brand in all the territories in which we operate in Africa is steadfast,” adds Brand.

 “It also goes without saying that the team in Ghana continues to surprise and delight its customers.  Its dedication and hard work has been recognised by our partner John Deere for a second year. Something we can all be extremely proud of.

 Heading up the business in Ghana is Aline Badr who attributes this success to the hard work, resilience, passion and dedication of a highly motivated group of people. She notes that they purposefully drive these elements on a daily basis, with the sole purpose of keeping their customers happy. The unlimited guidance and leadership received from Tata International Africa, is what’s continuing this team’s drive to succeed in this market.

According to Badr, when working with farmers, the realisation is clear that the service is more than just business; it impacts the lives of millions. There is a bond that is created, and anything less than utmost support to customers is not an option. Empowered farmers can alleviate hunger, and in turn, the TATA International Ghana business is able to touch and improve lives every day. For the Ghana team, who which are is in daily and direct contact with communities, “impacting lives” is the only direct benefit they it seeks.2

“The team in Ghana’s sheer grit, perseverance and ability to adapt to the unpredictable, makes it a standout business,” concludes Brand.

Source: Meropa Communications